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Visiting Ridgeway 

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***Important update***

Major building work required to Roseberry Park site. Read the press release and full briefing.

This facility has been carefully designed and constructed to meet the very specific needs of these services. The buildings are built to medium and low secure standards, yet maintain an environment that is spacious, with ensuite bedrooms, ample outdoor, leisure and therapeutic space.

Our urban location provides good opportunities for community rehabilitation, including access to local facilities and use of public transport in order to optimise an individual’s recovery and discharge.

We have a dedicated physical healthcare suite with specialty physicians, dentistry, optometry, podiatry and general nurses. Roseberry Park shares the same site as a large university teaching hospital, which enables continuity of physical healthcare for patients requiring acute or out-patient care.

Ridgeway builds upon a long heritage of providing secure services in north east England, and replaces the previous regional secure unit, which was the first service of its kind in the country.

Ridgeway also provides:

  • Outpatient psychiatric assessment
  • Treatment for offender patients – working closely with non-forensic psychiatric services
  • Psychiatric services to our local prisons
  • A consultation service throughout the northern region.

Forensic mental health services

The adult mental health forensic service provides psychiatric care for mentally disordered offenders, as well as for individuals whose mental health problems and challenging behaviour require medium and low secure accommodation. Personal and community safety is a prime concern.

The wards at Ridgeway are:


  • Swift – medium secure accommodation for women
  • Mandarin – medium secure forensic accommodation for men


  • Newtondale – low secure accommodation for men


  • Sandpiper – medium secure accomodation for women
  • Mallard – low secure accomodation for men
  • Lark – low secure accomodation for men


  • Fulmar – locked rehababilitation secure accommodation for women
  • Brambling – low secure accommodation for women


  • Nightingale – medium secure accommodation
  • Linnet – medium secure accommodation
  • Merlin – medium secure accommodation
  • Jay – medium secure accommodation

Forensic learning disability services

The forensic learning disability service is designed to support individuals who have been diagnosed with learning disability and/or autism and challenging behaviours. This includes individuals who have a history of offending and mental health problems.


  • Harrier and Hawk – low secure accommodation for men for admission
  • Osprey – low secure accommodation for men for treatment


  • Ivy and Clover – low secure accommodation for women
  • Thistle – medium secure accommodation for women

Autism specific services

Our staff

Our multi-disciplinary workforce provides expert knowledge and care in order to deliver a high quality of therapy and intervention. This is based upon comprehensive assessment and evidence based practice. We have a strong commitment to ongoing training and development of our workforce at all levels and disciplines.

We offer a wide range of group and individual therapeutic interventions addressing risk, offending and other identified needs. Treatments include cognitive behavioural therapy, dialectical behaviour therapy, cognitive analytic therapy, fire-setting programmes, inappropriate sexualised behaviour programme and addressing substance related offending programme.

Our multi-disciplinary team comprises of nursing, psychiatry, psychology, occupational therapy, dietetics, speech and language therapy, social work and physiotherapy.

The forensic services team includes a wide range of professionals who provide direct patient care or are actively involved in supporting this care. Our multi-disciplinary team works closely with individual service users, their carers and families to develop bespoke packages of care which are provided in a positive, non-judgemental and socially inclusive manner.

With the right level of specialist support many of the people who use our services are able to remain in the community and our aim is to minimise the time they need to spend in Roseberry Park.

Our services

  • Demonstrate excellence in all of their activities to improve outcomes and experiences for users of the services, their carers and families and staff
  • Listen to and consider everyone’s views and contributions, maintaining respect at all times and treating others as they would expect to be treated themselves
  • Engage with staff, users of their services, their carers and families, governors, members, GPs and partner organisations so that they can contribute to decision making
  • Promotes and supports the wellbeing of users of their services, their carers, families and staff.

Teamwork is vital to meet the needs and exceed the expectations of people who use their services. This not only relates to teams within the Trust, but also the way they work with GPs and partner organisations.

My shared pathway

My shared pathway is a way for patients to work with staff to achieve their goals and live the life they want to live, now and in the future. It focuses on moving the patient towards community services and gives them more involvement and responsibility for their own care.

My shared pathway involves completing work books with staff; this will begin on admission. Work books allow everyone to share and understand how the patient can make progress towards their discharge from hospital.

Find out more about My shared pathway.

Physical health and the health centre

It is important that that our service users have equal access to routine physical health care services. This includes an annual health check, individual support for those who need to attend a general hospital and information on their medical condition.

Ridgeway has a dedicated physical health care suite and speciality physicians and general nurses ensure that inpatients receive the physical health care they need. They are supported by other professionals including dentists, physiotherapists, dieticians, opticians, podiatrists and speech and language therapists.

The occupational therapy service

The occupational therapy service is based in the activity centre. The service is made up of a team of occupational therapists, technical instructors and a learning tutor.

The team provide high quality, person centred care and treatment, while promoting safety, health and wellbeing.

  • Monday to Friday groups are structured from 9.15am – 3.30pm.
  • Weekend activity is much more leisure based and may involve fishing, outdoor football, coffee mornings, baking, themed cooking and film groups.

The service will ensure that individual needs are met with regards to their age, spirituality, culture, ethnicity and sexual orientation. They will provide a safe and supportive environment and recognise patient’s strengths, abilities and competencies to help with their recovery

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