Why have we asked to see you?


People who have Down’s Syndrome may get memory problems as they get older.

We lose things like a bag or CD, or can’t remember someone’s name.

This is normal.


It can be a problem if you experience any of the following:

  • forget or lose things much more than before
  • forget the names of people you know well
  • get lost in places you know well
  • get muddled or distressed



  • cannot concentrate as well
  • worry more or feel depressed
  • do not sleep well
  • feel physically unwell a lot of the time.
  You or your carers may be worried about these changes.

We want to ask questions about you now so that we can offer the right help if you get memory problems when you are older.


This is why we have been asked to see you.

What can you expect?          




We will arrange to see you at your home, day services or wherever is best for you.



You may want to have someone with you, like a friend, relative or carer.

We will chat about your health, what you have been doing and how you are feeling.

We will ask you and your carer some questions.


This will help us to find out if:

  • you need to see your GP



  • we need to do more assessments with you.

What happens next?    

We may offer you:
  • support and advice
  • an appointment to see a psychologist (a health professional who will talk to you about your problems – they are sometimes called a doctor)
  • another memory screening in the future.

Do you have to see us?                               


You can choose if you want to see us.

You will not get into trouble if you say no. 

You will still be offered help and support from the learning disability team when you want it.

Information and advice

  If you would like more information please ask a member of staff.





 Reference:  L607E 
 Version:  V3
 Date last updated:  16 / 06 / 2017
 Archive date:  16 / 06 / 2020




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