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West Lane Hospital

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01642 529649



What is the adolescent forensic outpatient service?

We are a team made up of doctors, nurses and psychologists.

We aim to help young people that have difficulties with their behaviour and have been in contact with the police and / or the courts.

You will be asked to meet with us to carry out an assessment. This may involve your parents, carers and any other professional you have contact with.

We are likely to ask you questions about your feelings and behaviours and how these may have brought you in to contact with the police.

Following on from your assessment we will write a report that can be shared with you. This will comment on the reason why you came to see us and may make suggestions on how you can be helped in the future.


Meet the team

Different professionals work in the team including a consultant psychiatrist, psychologist, nursing staff and administration staff. 


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01 / 2016

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01 / 2018