Where to find us

Aysgarth Short Term Care Unit

163 Durham Road

Stockton, TS19 0EA

Office tel number: 01642 610399
Lounge tel number: 01642 610392

About the service

The team at Aysgarth provide a respite service for adults with learning disabilities who can have complex needs or present with challenging behaviours. The unit aims to provide a high quality service of person centred care.

For clients the team aims to provide a relaxed and comfortable environment, encouraging choice and promoting dignity and respect. They support the individual with their daily lives, promoting physical and emotional wellbeing, and broadening opportunity for social activities.

The service aims to provide advice and support to parents and carers, offering a safe environment and flexible service that works in partnership with them to meet their family member’s individual needs.

The service also attempts to respond to families sudden changing needs, by providing access to emergency short term admissions.

The Aysgarth team

Aysgarth have a multi-disciplinary team which includes:

  • Charge nurse
  • Deputy charge nurse
  • Staff nurses (RNLD)
  • Care staff
  • Housekeepers.

Whilst on the unit individuals have access to other professionals.

How to access the service

The service has an open referral system and referrals can be made by carers or professionals. Admission to the service is accepted if the client has a learning disability or acquired brain injury and identified health needs which require nursing intervention.

On receipt of a referral an assessment is completed and information gathered from carers and other professionals. If the referral is eligible to access the service a transition plan is devised to meet individual needs. Short term care is then tailored to meet the individual need.

About the unit

The unit currently has six beds and two lounge areas, both with televisions.

Individuals are encouraged to participate in unit activities such as the light and sound room, trips into the community, art and craft sessions, music sessions, take away and DVD nights, with a variety of cultural foods being experienced during themed evenings.

Meal times

Meal times are protected and flexible to meet individual needs.

  • Breakfast 7.00am – 9.00am
  • Lunch 12 noon – 2.00pm
  • Teatime 4.30pm – 6.30 pm.

Meals and snacks are also available outside of these times.

Visiting policy

The unit has a flexible visiting policy and welcomes relatives and carers to visit or contact the unit.