What is a health facilitator?

A health facilitator is someone who is there to help you stay healthy

What do they do?

They can help you learn about things like healthy eating and how to get fit.

They can help you arrange appointments like the dentist or chiropodist.

Who can be your health facilitator?

A health facilitator can be anyone you choose.

It can be someone from your family, a friend, a key worker or someone from the health facilitation team

What happens if I decide to have a “ health action plan?

First your health facilitator will sit down with you and complete your “health action plan”. It will be all about you.

Next it is a good idea to have a check up at your doctors.

They will:
• See how tall you are
• See how much you weigh
• Take your blood pressure

You will also be able to ask the doctor any questions you have about your health.

It you need help with this your Health Facilitator could go with you.

You need to tell the doctor if you have changed the way you look after yourself at all since you saw them last. Next you can make your own health action plan.

A “health action plan” is a way of remembering what you are going to do to help you stay healthy.

Finally your “health action plan” will be checked by a health professional. This could be your community nurse or a member of the health facilitation team.

What happens next?

Your “health action plan” is yours to keep.

You may find it useful to take your “health action plan” with you to your appointments.

This would help the people to know more about you.

A step by step guide for you to follow!

Step 1
Identify your health facilitator

Step 2
Complete your health action plan

Step 3
Have a health check

Step 4
Develop a “health action plan”

Step 5
Check your plan with a health professional.

If you have any questions about your health action plan, please contact:

Health facilitation team Team
Council Offices
Green Lane
DL16 6JQ

Team contact Tel. 03000 269988

Team manager Tel. 03000 269967

Learning disability service
Hundens Lane
Co Durham

Tel. 01325 522050

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Leaflet reference: L213E
Version: V5
Date last updated: 25 /01 / 2021
Archive date: 25 / 01 / 2021

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