Where to find us

Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS)

Harrogate District

Dragon Parade Clinic

2 Dragon Parade

Harrogate, HG1 5BY

Tel number: 01423 726900

Fax number: 01423 726910

Opening times:Monday – Friday, 9am to 5pm

About the service

The community child and adolescent mental health service (CAMHS) offers support to children, young people (up to their 18th birthday), and their families who are experiencing significant emotional difficulties or who have mental health issues.

Support is offered through different treatment approaches, for example:

  • Children and young people receive individual support through individual sessions
  • Some families come and work together as a whole
  • A child may work with their mother or father individually.

About the clinic

Harrogate District CAMHS is an NHS clinic set over three floors.

The first floor is where the reception is based, a waiting area, four clinic rooms and an accessible toilet with baby changing facilities.

The second floor houses five further clinic rooms, a toilet and a waiting area with a water dispensing machine.

The third floor of our building is office space, where practitioners work when not with their clients.

The team understand that patients and their families may be anxious about attending the clinic, therefore they like to make visits as comfortable as possible.

The environment in the clinic is calming and warm. Toys are available in the waiting areas for younger children, and books and magazines for young people and their parents.

Leaflet racks in the waiting areas contain useful information about many aspects of care and support services available.

The team

The multidisciplinary CAMHS team is made up of doctors, nurses and other professionals who work together to make decisions about patients’ care. Patients and their families may see a:

  • Community psychiatric nurse
  • Primary mental health worker
  • CAMHS practitioner
  • Psychologist
  • Psychiatrist
  • Psychotherapist
  • Family therapist
  • CAMHS social worker.

Some of the therapists work together in teams, and other therapists will work with patients individually. There may also be trainees from various professional backgrounds working with the team.

Administration staff will meet visitors or patients at reception.

How to access the service

Children and young people can be referred to the service up to their 18th birthday, The team accepts referrals for children and young people whose mental health needs are impacting upon their lives and cannot be helped with support from other services within health, integrated children’s services, social care, education services and / or the voluntary sector.

Anybody can refer to the service, including the parent of a child or young person, who can telephone the team directly or speak to a professional through school or their GP.

Referrals are looked at on a daily basis. Where a referral is accepted, a phone call or a letter will be sent to the family (for under 16s) and to the young person (over 16s) with an appointment, so that they are assessed within 28 days.

A CAMHS professional would arrange to meet with the patient and their family at Dragon Parade Clinic.

Emergency referrals are those where a professional has serious concerns about the mental health of a young person requiring an assessment of risk within 24 hours. Emergency referrals should be directed to the crisis team on 01423 544335.

How does assessment work

Assessment by the team takes between one to two hours. During assessment the team try to gather as much information as they can about the child or young person who has been referred to them. The more information they gather the better understanding they have of the situation.

They will asking questions around how the child or young person is coping at the moment, any changes that have occurred, how your family functions, how they have grown up from being a baby to present day and how the child or young person is coping educationally and socially.

Following assessment a plan of care is agreed with the patient and their family. This may involve:

  • Continuing to work with the team
  • Further assessment for more specific conditions
  • Working with the clinic based teams such as family therapy, eating disorders, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
  • Being signposted for more appropriate support to another agency.

Other information

  • The Trust has a no smoking policy in the clinic.
  • If you are visiting and need a disabled parking space please telephone before you visit or remind your therapist so the staff can book a space.
  • Car parking is difficult around Dragon Parade Clinic and visitors will need a parking disc, these are available at reception. Please read the sign where you park regarding the parking times restrictions.

The team aim to run a client led service and use feedback from clients to improve their services. If you would like to help the team please feel free to ask a receptionist for some paper and an envelope so you can leave any comments for the reception staff to pass on to management.