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What is a community nurse?

A community nurse is someone who is there to help you stay healthy

What do they do?

They can support and help you learn to cope with any problems you may have.

They can also help you with daily living skills

A nursing assessment will be done by the community nurse. This will tell the nurse how they can help you.

What happens next?

The nurse will talk to you about your agreed care plan and help you with your needs.

If the nurse feels that you need to see other members of the team, this can also be arranged, for example: social worker, speech and language therapy.

The nurse will visit you regularly to talk about how you are feeling and to keep your care plan up to date.

Please feel welcome to download our easy read Darlington community nursing team information.

Leaflet reference: L865E
Version: V2
Date last updated: 12 /10 / 2020
Archive date: 12 / 10/ 2023