Trust plays host to national psychology conference

We have joined forces with Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust to host the annual Faculty of Psychology of Older People Conference (FPOP), at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Durham on 12-13 July.

The Trusts have organised the national conference, which has attracted psychologists and health professionals from across the UK, as well as people who use services and their carers. This year’s conference will focus on the power of stories to create change and bring hope in the care of older people.

Sarah Dexter-Smith, professional lead for older people’s psychology at TEWV said “We are all shaping our own story. Psychologists have the added responsibility of helping other people make sense of their own (or a relative’s /friend’s) story. The classic beginning (learning the characters and the context), middle (identifying the problem which drives later changes) and end (where things reach a more or less satisfactory conclusion) are reflected in therapy, adjustment to life changing events and changes in care and treatment.

“The FPOP conference gives us the opportunity as professionals to come together to learn from one another and share best-practice in mental health care of older people.”

On day one Humanitarian and author, Terry Waite CBE will share his inspiring stories and poetry about ageing, resilience, coping with trauma, identity and inner conflict. There will also be a series of workshops, including some hosted by people living with dementia.

On day two the day Playlist for Life, Deputy chair, Andy Lowndes, will highlight the importance and effect of personally meaningful music on those living with dementia. Andy goes to the homes of people with dementia and works with families and carers to identify personally meaningful music for the person living with dementia. In his presentation Andy will present real life examples supporting the growing international research that shows such music can have almost magical results as part of an individual’s care.

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