Smokefree policy rolled out to community services

Following the launch of our in-patient smokefree nicotine management policy in March this year we are now extending the policy to our community services.

Following the launch of our in-patient smokefree nicotine management policy in March this year we are now extending the policy to our community services.


The smokefree policy launched across Trust sites in March means that staff, service users, visitors and contractors can no longer smoke in any of the Trust sites or grounds. The policy is now being implemented across our community services too in order to support service users being discharged from Trust sites, as well as those being cared for in a community setting.


The initial smokefree decision was taken in order to improve the physical health and life expectancy of service users, as on average people with a serious mental illness die 15-20 years earlier than the rest of the population and smoking is responsible for over half of this difference.


We hope that as a result of the introduction of the smokefree policy into the community services setting, more service users can be supported to stop smoking and the community teams will be better prepared to continue to support service users leaving in-patient care, as well as preparing those who may be admitted to Trust sites in future.


Commenting on the move Dr Nick Land, TEWV medical director, said “We have a duty of care to our patients and our staff. The introduction of our new smokefree policy at all sites across the Trust in March was a significant step in improving the life expectancy and physical health of our service users, whilst also protecting our staff from secondhand smoke. By extending this to our community services we are ensuring that we are not only delivering a seamless pathway or care for our service users regardless of where they are cared for, but also that we are protecting the health of our patients and staff in the community.”

For further information about the Trust smokefree policy visit the Trust smokefree pages.