Place of safety in York to reopen

The 136 suite (place of safety) at Bootham Park Hospital in York will reopen today.

The 136 suite (place of safety) at Bootham Park Hospital in York will reopen today.

The suite at Bootham Park closed at the end of September, along with all patient services at Bootham Park Hospital, following an inspection by the Care Quality Commission.

Since they took over services on 1 October 2015 Tees, Esk and Wear Valleys NHS Foundation Trust, has been working to reinstate services previously provided in Bootham Park Hospital.

Outpatient clinics continue to be held at a number of locations in York and the trust hopes to move outpatient appointments back to Bootham Park Hospital early in the new year, subject to a further review visit by the CQC. Some appointments will continue to be offered in other accessible and convenient sites across York.

The trust is also progressing plans to bring inpatient services back to York as quickly as possible.

Ruth Hill, director of operations for York and Selby, said: “Our ultimate aim is to have a new hospital in York.

“Unfortunately, this is unlikely to be completed before 2019 and in the meantime we need to bring adult inpatient services back to York as soon as possible.

“There is no straightforward or simple solution for doing this; however, we believe that adapting Peppermill Court in York for use as an adult inpatient unit is the best option available to us.

“Over the last two months we have been finalising plans for developing the unit and minimising the impact that this change will have on service users and carers.”

Peppermill Court currently has 14 beds for older men with dementia. In addition there are 14 female beds at Meadowfields in York and 13 male beds at Worsley Court in Selby.

People with dementia who need to spend time in hospital are now being admitted to Meadowfields (women) and Worsley Court (men) and the trust is planning to vacate Peppermill Court by early January.

Ruth Hill explained: “It’s important that people with dementia are getting the care and support they need when and where they need it.

“This means, in line with the national dementia strategy, supporting people in their home environment whenever possible (including residential or nursing homes) and reducing the time that people need to spend in hospital.

“Over the last month we have reviewed all inpatients currently receiving care on these three inpatient units.

“We believe that a number of these people would be better supported in a nursing or residential home.

“We are currently working with the local authority and families to identify suitable accommodation for them.

“We realise that these changes may cause disruption for some families, particularly for those who will need to travel from York to Selby to visit loved ones, and we are doing everything we can to support those families.”

Moving older people’s inpatient services from Peppermill will also enable the trust to invest in community services such as care home liaison and memory services and to support more people in their home environment.

TEWV expects to start on the development of Peppermill Court as an adult inpatient unit by the end of January 2016 and hopes that the refurbished 24 bed unit will be ready by the summer 2016.

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