Inspiring the next generation

As part of the NHS’ 70th birthday celebrations Trust staff volunteered to speak at Darlington’s Skerne Park Academy junior assembly.

Helen Robinson, nurse practitioner and Angie Hardy, research and development pharmacist, presented to the local school children during their science week. 

The aim was to engage with young children to encourage them to consider healthcare and science as an option for their future career development.

Angie said “It was a great opportunity to show young children how the things they are learning now, such as maths and science experiments, fit in with healthcare work. The children really engaged with us and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.”

Helen added: “It was refreshing how engaging the young people are and how we can link science and even maths to opportunities in health care, ensuring the NHS is evolving and inspiring future generations of workers as it moves forward.”

Children and young people make up a fifth of the UK’s population. Improving their health, wellbeing and understanding of the NHS is a priority not only for their future, but the future of the NHS.

The Inspiring Futures campaign aims to help young people learn more about what the NHS does, the challenges it faces, the staff that we employ and the careers available. By working closely with schools and educators NHS staff can help them to better understand the NHS and lead healthier lives, in turn this will help make sure that the NHS is responding to their needs – now and for the next 70 years.

Professor Steve Robson, Clinical Director at the National Institute for Health Research Clinical Research Network North East and North Cumbria said “It is encouraging to see such positive engagement with children. Children make up nearly 25% of the UK population so it is important to ensure they know there are many opportunities in the NHS, and that research can be a career pathway for them.”


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