Health at work

We aim to offer a range of experiences that address the needs of our employees, in order to help maintain a healthy workforce. There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution. We recognise that the Trust is not able to do this alone and there is a need to effectively maximise and utilise all resources available some of which will be within the Trust i.e. employees and other resources may be sourced externally e.g. Local Authorities, other NHS organisations.

We will support our staff to assess and take responsibility for their own health and wellbeing, and we expect staff to play their part in return. In addition, we will strive to promote healthy options and to provide prevention, intervention and rehabilitation services at the earliest opportunity.


Staff flu vaccination clinics 2018/19

We will hold drop-in clinics for TEWV staff only. Dates to follow. Please take your ID badge with you. 

View our 'flu facts' film on YouTube for more information about the jab.

Sickness absence

The sickness absence management procedure provides a framework for the management of sickness absence. The reasonable adjustment information pack supports managers to assess the level of support an employee requires in order to support them at work. These documents form part of the Trust’s commitment to ensuring that all employees receive, and can access, appropriate support and guidance to help them remain and perform well at work.

Employee support service

In 2011 we appointed an employee support officer to help us promote a culture and create a framework of support for staff who experience mental ill health. Since then the service has grown and in 2014 we recruited a second employee Support officer and the service now also supports staff with physical health and wellbeing needs.

Our aim is to take a proactive approach wherever possible and reduce the amount of sickness absence through mental and physical ill health. The service also provides emotional support for employees that experience serious illnesses, such as cancer. The appointment of the employee support officers contributes towards meeting the six pledges of the Mindful Employer Charter that we signed in 2009. Further information about our approach can be found here.

The employee support officers support employees to return to work, provide listening support during difficult times including personal and work related issues, explore reasonable adjustments, work life balance, signpost to relevant support within the Trust and from other services and provide access to self-help toolsoffering practical advice and signposting as well as more tailored support for staff where necessary.

The service can be contacted independently by employees or by a referral from their line manager. The service works with employees within the boundaries of confidentiality and can be accessed whether employees are currently at work or absent from work.

Occupational health

There are many different occupational health services which are available to all staff near or at their place of work, or at home. These include:

  • Pre-employment health screening
  • Counselling
  • Physiotherapy
  • Vaccinations
  • Needlestick and blood exposure incident assessment, treatment and follow-up
  • Workplace assessments
  • Department/Unit based teaching about stress awareness, health at work, etc
  • Blood pressure checks as part of the annual know your numbers campaign.

Trust retreats

The retreats are a 48 hour event, led by Paul Walker staff engagement lead supported each time by a different member of staff. Participants think about the purpose of their lives and how to make the most of every minute.  They also learn basic meditation techniques and have the opportunity for a one to one session with a listener as part of the overall format of the event. All listeners have previously attended a retreat.

There are now six retreats each year and over the last four years more than 500 members of staff have been on a retreat. Immediately afterwards all but two of the attendees have described the event as worthwhile and six months later 89% report positive changes to their lives

The retreats have been taking place now for nine years. All have been at the Sneaton Castle Centre in Whitby. They are residential and are fully catered.

Staff mindfulness

The staff mindfulness programme provides training in mindfulness to all Trust staff, both clinical and non-clinical. There is now considerable evidence that learning mindfulness can lead to a variety of benefits in relation to wellbeing, stress and resilience. Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT) has been shown to significantly reduce relapse rates in individuals with recurrent depression and is recommended by NICE for this purpose.

Initially you would attend a three hour introductory workshop and following this have the opportunity to apply to undertake an eight week programme.

Employee psychology service (EPS)

As part of its commitment to supporting the health and well-being of our staff the Trust is piloting provision of a new service for those employees who may be experiencing significant episodes of work related stress, anxiety and/or depression.

The EPS is offered by a consultant clinical psychologist for the duration of the pilot and will involve helping employees recover from, and develop resilience to, work related stress and associated anxiety/depression.

Referrals to the service will be identified by the occupational health service or via the employee support service.