With a focus on quality patient-centred care and staff wellbeing, compassion is key to all we do as a Trust. Compassion is a sensitivity to the suffering and needs of ourselves and others accompanied by a commitment to alleviate and prevent this in a wise way.

We are working with senior colleagues across the Trust, through our compassionate management project, to find out which of our which services, processes and day-to-day actions make it easy for our staff, from front line colleagues to non-clinical leaders, to be compassionate – and which hinder this – with a view to embedding a culture of compassion in all we do. We believe that compassion is key in innovation, performance and leadership.

Placing compassion central to all we do helps us co-create safe places to work and flourish and helps us to perform well in our roles, adapt to pressures and ultimately create better outcomes and experiences for the people who use our services.