The opportunities for good clinical experience are immense. The Trust covers a substantial part of the North East and North Yorkshire, and has a record of accomplishment and of proven excellence.

Leeds University

Medical students from Leeds spend time in Harrogate during their 4th year from September to the end of May. This programme is an apprenticeship model, where you will spend 2 weeks working alongside members of the multi-disciplinary team (MDT) on a ward or with the liasion team. We are currently in the process of developing a community based apprenticeship, where you will work with community mental health teams. You will be assigned a supervisor for each apprenticeship who will provide support and supervision while you have the opportunity to ‘act-up’ to being a FY1 doctor. The remaining week consists of a mixture of additional experience.

You will receive an introduction from the medical education team and receive a timetable for the five weeks you are with us. During your time on placement support will be on hand from the team, and everything you need will be provided to make your experience as enjoyable as possible.

Student selective components (SSCs)

Student selective components (SSCs) form an important part of the medical undergraduate curriculum. An SSC provides a fourth year medical student with a chance to build upon their mental health experience by concentrating on an area they enjoy or were not given an opportunity to cover before.

TEWV has interesting and innovative SSCs available. We have included all areas of psychiatry as well as several collaborative projects.

We believe that our specialism has relevance to all clinicians and disciplines, and with this in mind, we encourage all students to consider psychiatry as an SSC option.

Some of the SSCs are non-medical (but clinical): psychology, medical education, pharmacy, chaplaincy and nurse-consultancy. Students are required to undertake one clinical SSC, though two are advised.

  • Our other SSCs encompass the range of mental health services: child, adolescence, adult, older people and learning disability.
  • All SSC providers are willing to amend the aims and objectives in order to help individuals develop their own interests. 
  • TEWV can provide free accommodation in Middlesbrough or help with travel expenses.

Both Leeds and Newcastle Universities have SCC programmes. The two differ considerably in style. At Leeds the SSC runs throughout the whole course whilst Newcastle offers three SSC placements during the fourth year.


More information

For information on any of these placements contact Michelle Warrior Medical Education Advisor -

Elective placements

The undergraduate programmes have now been further extended to hosting elective placements within the Trust. The elective placement is an eight week period of study undertaken during the summer in the fourth year of the Newcastle medical degree programme. Students generally chose to travel overseas for these placements; however students from overseas, or who are unable to finance an overseas placement, are now opting to request placements in local Trusts.

It is expected that, during their elective placements, students will revisit previous learning outcomes, and that they will be influenced greatly in their future career choices by the clinical experiences gained. 

Placements can be tailored to your specific needs and to the specialty in which you have an interest. For further information please contact Emma Tootle, Nurse Specialist in Medical Education -


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