Essential junior rotation (EJR)

Third year medical students join the Trust in January until mid-July for their four week rotation in psychiatry. During this time each student will have the opportunity to gain clinical experience in adult, elderly and community environments.

When commencing your placement you will receive an introduction from the medical education team and be given a timetable for the four weeks you are with us.  You will also receive a portfolio to help track and achieve your learning outcomes. 

During your time on placement support will be on hand from the team, and everything you need will be provided to make your experience as enjoyable as possible.

All seminar materials and paperwork required will be given out in a booklet at the beginning of the placement in the introductory session. It will also be available here on the website for your convenience, including your timetable and other necessary information.

Shared primary care and mental health

Teaching of medical students – a pilot project

The purpose of the programme is to help medical students get a better understanding of mental health issues in primary care and the transition of care across primary and specialist mental health services.

The pilot is supported by Tees, Esk and Wear Valleys NHS Foundation Trust (TEWV).

This takes place in week four of the EJR (third year) Mental Health Rotation.

The joint teaching initiative involves GPs in Teesside and consultant psychiatrists from TEWV.

GP teachers arrange for medical students to gain experience in assessment of consenting service users within primary care and the teaching session involves case discussion with the GP and consultant psychiatrist.

Small group teaching methods are used in this project.

For further information on this programme or if you feel that you can offer any other support to medical education please contact

    • Anupam Thakur, Undergraduate Education Lead.
    • Tel: 01642 929029 / Email:

    • Julie Khan, medical education manager
    • Tel: 01642 838155 / Email:

Information needed in year 3 for your EJR

  • Seminar materials
  • Assessment forms