Why choose a career in psychiatry?

In a recent student survey the following areas were highlighted as a positive for working within psychiatry:

  • Spending time with patients, see their journey
  • Problem solving profession
  • Not ‘usual’ hospital experience
  • Therapeutic use of ‘the self’
  • Variety of areas
  • Research and development opportunities
  • Dedicated support from national (RCPsych) and local (TEWV) organisations
  • Read/watch/listen

Not all of your immersion in psychiatry needs to be academic or hard work! More than any other area of medicine, mental health, the human mind and what constitutes reality form strong themes in books, films, theatre and art. Exploring these extracurricular aspects of psychiatry is very much encouraged by the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

See the college’s Minds on Film blog and book reviews.

A range of news articles, research developments and events are announced early by the college on its Twitter feed: twitter.com/rcpsych. Student associates also have their own Twitter feed @future_psych.

The college has excellent mental health information with award-winning resources on different disorders and their treatment.

For further information please visit www.rcpsych.ac.uk/mentalhealthinfoforall.aspx.

Qualities of a good psychiatrist

  • Medical expert
  • Decision making in complex circumstances
  • Health advocate
  • Tolerate ambiguity and uncertainty
  • Able to communicate
  • Liaison with other professionals
  • Collaborator
  • Manager
  • Scholar

A typical working week

Psychiatry is a fascinating specialty as you meet a huge variety of people with a vast array of illnesses and individual circumstances in lots of different settings.

The workload in a functionalised community mental health team may involve outpatient clinics and home visits, an inpatient post may involve ward rounds and multidisciplinary reviews, and a forensic post may involve prison visits and court report writing.

The experiences can vary and depend on local practice and services in different parts of the UK. There is rarely a dull moment while working in such a dynamic and evolving specialty.

(RCPsych, Make a difference improve lives – A career in Psychiatry)

Career development within TEWV

The trust has FY1 and FY2 posts covering Middlesbrough, Darlington, Hartlepool, Stockton, Bishop Auckland and Durham. From 2013 there will also be posts in North Yorkshire.

We have core trainee years 1 to 3 in all localities and the same applies for senior registrar years 4 to 6.

Your route through psychiatry