A unique and well developed medical education faculty within Roseberry Park, Middlesbrough, supports and offers placement to medical students from three medical schools.

The team is the only one of its type in the area and students welcome the support and organisation it provides whilst on placement with the Trust.

Both third year and fifth year students come to the Trust each year from Newcastle and Durham University to undertake psychiatry placements in both Tees and Wear bases.

A dedicated undergraduate team ensures a timetable is produced to ensure relevant experience and support is in place for the students to meet their outlined curriculum. 

The Trust also offers placements for first year students from The University of Durham, Queens Campus, Stockton.  These placements are 60 hours over one calendar year, and are three hours per week. Placements are arranged through Durham University and start between January and February each year.

The Trust also receives fourth year students (student selective components).  The students undertake a six week placement within an area of psychiatry of their choice.

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The team has a generic email for you to contact us as well as individual contact details. This email is TEAWVNT.medicaleducation@nhs.net and can be used for general queries or issues you wish to raise.