We are one of just 16 trusts in the country taking part in a pilot scheme to revolutionise early supervision arrangements for our junior doctors.

Junior doctors at TEWV wear different coloured lanyards to help colleagues quickly identify what grade of doctor they are.

Part of the national ‘Better Training Better Care’ (BTBC) programme, it aims to improve the quality of training and learning in the trust’s adult and older people’s mental health services, as well as provide enhanced safety and quality care for patients.

Doctors new to psychiatry spend the first few weeks of the job developing key skills under the direct supervision of a consultant psychiatrist.  As their confidence develops, they move increasingly to indirect supervision so that by week five, they are able to work independently.

The project, which is aimed at foundation doctors, GP registrars and first year core psychiatric registrars, has been specifically designed to support the various training stages in their first few weeks.

Dr Lenny Cornwall, consultant psychiatrist and deputy medical director said: “The project aims to make sure that doctors new to psychiatry benefit from the appropriate supervision in the early stages of their training, so that they will be able to confidently perform core tasks more quickly.  It also helps to manage expectations and ensure they don’t work outside their level of competence”.