Awards are given for quality and excellence, acknowledging exceptional personal contributions. To be considered for an award, consultants and academic GPs will have to demonstrate a commitment to delivering high quality patient care and to the continuous improvement of the NHS.

The scheme is administered by the Advisory Committee on Clincal Excellence Awards (ACCEA). It is managed on the committee's behalf by a full-time secretariat that is currently part of the Department of Health.

The Clinical Excellence Awards scheme continues to take account of the good practice developed by the Distinction Awards and Discretionary Points schemes that preceded it.

There are 12 levels of award. Levels 1-8 are awarded locally and Levels 10-12 are awarded nationally.

Below are the trust’s consultant medical staff who have received the employer based clinical excellence awards 2012.




Muhammad Ayub LD 1  
Mina Bobdey MHSOP 1  
Ruth Briel MHSOP 2  
Moshieve Edwin LD 1  
Gagan Garg CYPS 1  
Gyles Glover Public Health 1  
Musunuru Raja Kumar AMH 1  
Heinrich Lamprecht MHSOP 1  
Keith Linsley AMH 1  
Mark Lovell CYPS 1  
Soraya Mayet AMH 2  
Neil Mayfield AMH 1  
David Philbrick CYPS 1  
Asif Yusif Ramzan Forensic 1  
Pradeep Rao CYPS 1  
Kannan Suresh Babu AMH 1  
Padma Suresh Babu LD 1  
Paul Walker AMH 2  
Sally Wise AMH 1  
Hany George El-Sayeh AMH 1  
Peter Horn AMH 1  
Pratibha Nirodi MHSOP 1  
Tolulope Olusoga MHSOP 1  
Raul Perez-Montejano AMH 1