Medical education department - Roseberry Park, Middlesbrough

Dawn Carter and Emma Tootle - nurse specialists

Responsible for the day to day support, facilitation and co-ordination of undergraduate programmes and medical students in clinical practice. Supporting the delivery of the postgraduate medical education programme agenda too.


Hayley Lonsdale - postgraduate - medical education officer

Foundation, core and higher training programmes agendas. Monitoring of mandatory training for junior doctors. Analysis of programme feedback and associated evaluations. Contact for locum emergency experience project.


Val Holmes — quality and events officer

Quality Assurance for the department. Assuring processes that impact medical education, producing reports and information and supporting the faculty of medical education. Contact for all external quality visits and survey reports.  Event’s organiser for all medical education events.


Lauren Hunt — postgraduate education administrator

Administration support to the medical education officer.


Kara Chandler — quality and events administrator

administration support to the quality and events officer


Medical education advisors

Administrative support in the delivery of an undergraduate medical curriculum and a postgraduate development agenda.

To provide support to the locality tutors, nurse specialists and members of the medical development team and faculty.


Teesside locality

Michelle Warrior - Roseberry Park, Middlesbrough


Durham and Darlington locality

Sandra Fairless - Lanchester Road Hospital, Durham


North Yorkshire locality

Carole Gerada - Cross Lane Hospital, Scarborough


The Briary Unit, Harrogate District Hospital

Michelle Warrior – Roseberry Park, Middlesbrough


York locality

Anna Twose – Huntington House, York


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