About the service

The Trust's specialist recovery services deliver effective rehabilitation, habilitation and recovery to people whose needs cannot be met by less intensive, mainstream adult mental health services.

What makes the service unique is the length of time the service expects to work alongside individuals, supporting people as they gain confidence and skills in everyday activities. 

  • Recovery is a whole systems approach to recovery from mental illness that maximises an individual’s quality of life and social inclusion by encouraging their skills, promoting independence and autonomy in order to give them hope for the future and leads to successful community living through appropriate support. 
  • Rehabilitation addresses the disabilities of people who have not made a rapid recovery and may experience continuing difficulties in personal functioning and relating to others. They may have cognitive impairments that make it hard to plan ahead, symptoms which make communication difficult, be vulnerable to or from exploitation or their behaviour may be challenging to others. Rehabilitation means relearning a skill, for example walking or talking. Another word for rehabilitation is ‘re-ablement’.  
  • Habilitation means learning a new skill that you didn’t have before.

The Tees recovery service constantly endeavours to recognise their patients’ potential for recovery, no matter what difficulties they might be facing.

Often patients with a diagnosis of complex mental health needs will need to regain the necessary daily skills to rebuild their lives and maximise their potential.

All our recovery services offer a wide variety of evidence based interventions including biological, psychological, social and educational/vocational approaches.

The service's approach enables patients to unlock their talents and aspirations to achieve supported living or independence.

How to access the service

The recovery and rehabilitation liaison nurse will identify patients who are in acute beds or in the community who may be suitable for the service.

The service aims to assess any patients identified by the recovery and rehabilitation liaison nurse within 4 working days and to then find a bed for them within 10 days of that assessment.

About Lustrum Vale

Lustrum Vale is a 20 bedded rehabilitation and recovery unit for male and females aged 18 and over.

The unit is for:

  • Individuals with complex mental health problems who would benefit from rehabilitation and recovery care package, which is anticipated may take up to three years
  • Individuals who need help overcoming disabilities associated with severe and complex mental health problems that would benefit from a structured therapeutic environment
  • Individuals facing transition from a highly supported setting to a less supported placement.

The team

Staff on the team at Lustrum Vale are:

  • Ward manager
  • Consultant
  • Psychologist
  • Clinical lead
  • Qualified registered mental health nurses
  • Health care assistants
  • Junior doctor
  • Housekeepers
  • Occupational therapists (OT) and assistant
  • Outreach team
  • Rehabilitation and recovery liaison nurse
  • Administration clerk.

Facilities at Lustrum Vale

Accommodation at Lustrum Vale is on the ground floor and all bedrooms are single and have en-suite shower/wet rooms. All individuals have the key to their own rooms and there is a limited amount of secure storage in each room.

The unit has a light spacious lounge with entertainment facilities including a large screen TV and some smaller quiet rooms for separated male and female areas. There is a fully equipped ADL kitchen to practise or learn cooking skills as well as a beverage bay to make hot drinks and a laundry room.  

There is a garden where patients can grow flowers or vegetables as well as a small garden for sitting and relaxing in. 

Lustrum Vale is located next to the award winning Ropner Park which is ideal for walks and offers a number of activities such as tennis, bowls, roller-skating and boating as well as having a café on site.

Activities and interventions on the unit

The team encourage patients to work with their named nurse to identify their recovery goals and a range of activities to support their individual recovery plan. 

Interventions offered are based on the individual’s needs and include daily living skills – such as budgeting, self-catering, self-maintenance, self-medication, healthy living, social integration, psycho education (which will include relapse prevention, drug and alcohol work, mindfulness and other coping techniques), education and vocational skills. 

The team adapt their approach to ensure progress. This includes initiating opportunities based on the person’s interests or aspirations.

The unit has regular activities such as shopping and dog walking. Lustrum Vale is also ideally placed close to leisure amenities and activities in the local area.  These include: gym, swimming, art groups, employment and IT courses, cinema, eating out, pool, snooker and other social events all which will be supported by the team at Lustrum Vale.

The main focus of the team's approach is to enable their patients to unlock their talents and aspirations to achieve supported living or independence. 

Meal times

There are currently two designated, protected meal times served by staff in the dining area:

  • 12 noon for lunch
  • 5.00pm for dinner

Breakfast is self catering, however individuals on the unit are encouraged to be involved in the preparation of suppers.

In order to support recovery the team actively encourage individuals on the unit to self cater and an allowance is provided so patients can plan and budget their meals.

Visiting times

Visiting times at Lustrum Vale are between the hours of:

  • 2.00pm - 4.00pm
  • 6.00pm - 8.00pm

However if any patients or visitors have problems with these times they can discuss the matter with staff.