Ward 14

Mental Health Unit

Friarage Hospital

Northallerton, DL6 1GA

Tel numbers:

  • 01609 763413 (direct line)
  • 01609 779911 (via switchboard)

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About the service

Ward 14 provides mental health inpatient care, assessment, support and treatment for older men and women (over 65) who have a wide range of mental health needs. The ward occasionally takes people who are younger depending on their level of need and diagnosis.

Patients stay on the ward for a week to several weeks, and in rare cases longer.

A range of interventions may be offered, with the focus being to ensure a safe and swift recovery and discharge, with ongoing mental health support provided if needed.

The ward 14 team

The ward 14 team includes a dedicated inpatient consultant, psychologist, occupational therapist, physiotherapist, pharmacist, nurses, health care assistants, a ward manager and a clinical lead. 

There is also access to a dietician, speech therapy and medical consultant.

How to access the service

Referrals to the ward for inpatient care come from the community based mental health service professionals or the hospital psychiatric liaison team. Occasionally the service takes referrals from other teams and respond to crisis when required.

How are patients assessed?

The multi disciplinary team on the ward will complete a range of assessments during the first 72 hours of a patient's stay on the ward. A 72 hour formulation meeting will then take place which the patient and their family (If the patient agrees) will be invited to. Patients will be encouraged to be fully involved in all decisions relating to their care and treatment options.

The consultant, ward doctors, nurses and allied professionals attend a daily report out meeting at 9.00am each morning (Monday to Friday) to discuss each patient's case and progress. The patient is updated on the outcome of these meetings.

Once treatment is completed, staff will work with the patient to ensure a smooth transition for discharge and follow-up process.

About the ward

Ward 14 is a nine bedded unit with a range of facilities including:  two lounge areas, one quiet room, one female lounge, garden area, patient kitchen area and communal dining area.

The single bedrooms are all close to toilets, in separate female and male zoned areas.

If your admission is planned in advance, the patient and a relative, friend or carer will have an opportunity to visit the ward.

Find out more here about being an inpatient in our hospitals.

Activities on the ward

The ward offers a wide range of activities for patient to take part in, either individually or in a small group. These include quizzes, puzzles, arts and crafts, gardening, relaxation, knitting, walking and individual projects. A wii games console is also available.

Activity boxes aim to address individual needs, one to one outings off the ward are arranged where possible and group activities for those that wish to participate are also available.

The activity board is in the main lounge area displaying types of activities that are available.

Patient meetings occur monthly so that patients can address any issues they would like to change or suggest new ideas.

Notice boards, leaflet racks and information

Notice boards and leaflet racks are situated around ward 14 with information for patients, relatives and carers.

Meals and snacks

The ward has improved the meal time experience and ensured that meal times do not have any preventable disturbances.

Mealtimes on ward 14 are:

  • Breakfast: 8.00am - 9.00am. Cereal, toast and drinks available flexibly after this time.
  • Lunch: 12 noon with a two choice option and dessert
  • Evening meal: 5.00pm with a two choice option and dessert.

Drinks and snacks are available at all times.


To promote the health and wellbeing of all the Friarage Hospital is a ‘No Smoking Site’. 

Visitors are not permitted to smoke on site and are respectfully asked not to dispose of cigarette ends anywhere on site or at the entrance.

Visiting times

Visitors are all always welcome on the ward.  Visitors are asked to avoid mealtimes whenever possible unless it aids the recovery of the patient.

Child visiting is welcomed but must be arranged in advance with the nurse in charge.