West Park Hospital
Edward Pease Way
County Durham, DL2 2TS

Elm Ward tel number: 01325 552063

Maple Ward tel number: 01325 520044

About the service

Elm Ward and Maple Ward are both 20 bedded adult acute admissions wards, based at West Park Hospital in Darlington.

The wards offer short term admission to people experiencing mental illness, when the risks are too high for them to be treated and supported within their own home.

A multi disciplinary care package is provided to reduce risks and stabilise illness to a level that people can return home at the earliest opportunity.

The service is for adults aged 18 years and up. It does not discriminate against age but focuses on safety.

Both wards offer physical health support, psychological therapies, medication reviews, occupational therapies and risk assessment.

The Elm Ward and Maple Ward teams 

The teams working on both the Elm Ward and Maple Ward include:

  • Consultant psychiatrists
  • Registrars
  • Psychologists
  • Pharmacists
  • Occupational therapists
  • Registered mental nurses
  • Health care assistants
  • Dieticians.

How to access the service

Patients are referred to one of the wards once they have been assessed by a crisis team. A crisis team will screen all admissions.

Upon arrival to the ward the patient is welcomed, shown to their room and given a tour of the ward. They will be seen by the ward doctor or duty doctor, if out of hours, at the earliest opportunity. The patient is allocated and advised who their named nurse will be during their stay.

Within 72 hours a formulation meeting is arranged. All people involved in the patient's care are invited to attend this meeting. This includes family, with the patient's consent.

A discharge plan is formulated with all those involved. An intervention plan is put together with the patient to achieve their discharge.

The patient will receive interventions from several different agencies throughout their stay.

They may be given periods of leave from the ward prior to discharge. This will be negotiated with family members/care coordinators. Some patients are detained under the mental health act and this restricts their movement.

Upon discharge the patient will be given a 7 day follow up date. This follow up will be provided ether by their care coordinator or the crisis team.

They will also receive a card with useful appointments and phone numbers on.

About the wards

Elm Ward and Maple Ward are mixed wards.

They each have 20 individual bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms.

On each ward there is a male wing and a female wing. There is a TV lounge and quiet lounge on each wing.

There are beverage bays for patients to access hot drinks 24 hours per day.

Meal times

Meals are provided in the ward dining room.
Breakfast – 8.00am
Lunch - 12 noon 
Tea/dinner – 5.00pm
Meal times are protected and families are asked not to visit at these times.

Visiting times

Visiting times are open but staff ask that families do not visit during meal times or if patients are due to attend activities.
Visitors are not permitted to smoke whilst on the ward and smoking is not permitted in any trust buildings or grounds.

Activities on the wards

Staff on the wards offer informal activities throughout the week.

The occupational therapy team offer structured activities tailored to the individual.

Consultant psychiatrists are available 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. They do not hold ward rounds but see patients as and when required.