Our aim was for art to be an integral part of the hospital. The lead artists were commissioned early in the project and they were involved at key stages of the building and landscape design. We also involved service users and staff in developing and producing the artwork.

Main entrance

The artworks for the front entrance are centred on a number of themes, which were developed at workshops with staff and service users. These themes include the circle of life and healing flower remedies. The resulting designs consist of multiple outlines of healing flowers used to create large flower in a circle. You will find these images on the front glazed entrance and replicated within the circular walls in the large reception atrium.

Faith centre

The faith centre window is in the form of a tree of life, a symbol that often appears in folklore, cultures and fiction. This tree relates to immortality or a can be a symbolic centre of our own mind and creates a calm and relaxing mood to the quiet room within the faith centre.

Department entrance watercolours

The watercolours which adorn the entrances to the adult and learning disability wards, physiotherapy and consulting suites are directly inspired from the discussions and mood boards created by the patients and staff during the workshops. These are handmade and the flash of colour is used to define the entrances along the corridor, linking them with the way finding signage around the building. This theme continues through the adult wards where the entrance watercolours are replicated on the nurses stations.

Central garden seating feature

We have created a specially designed circular pathway and seating area in the central courtyard. Once again, this follows the circle theme with a curved pathway and three curved walls with spiral movement, which is lit up from inside the wall. To compliment this area there are glass rods set between bricks on the external wall of the faith centre, creating a focal point in the garden.

Exhibition walls and ward artworks

Service users took part in workshops and have produced artwork and photos for four large exhibition panels, which will displayed in the central walk way. The displays are not static and will be refreshed at various stages throughout the life of the building.