Would you like to help us train our medical students and junior doctors?

We are looking for service users to talk to medical students and junior doctors about their experience of mental illness

At our trust we welcome a variety of medical staff during their training years:
• Medical students
• Foundation doctors
• GP registrars
• Psychiatric registrars
• Higher registrars

It’s important that doctors learn and recognise mental health conditions and appreciate the impact they have on patient’s lives. One of the best ways to learn is from patients themselves.

We are looking for volunteer patients to get involved in:
• Interviewing sessions
• Medical student assessments
• Junior doctor examinations
• Help produce teaching materials
• Interview panels

What will it involve?

There are different ways to get involved and you could take part in as few or as many of the ways as you like.

Interviewing sessions

You would be asked to talk to medical students about your experiences. The students would ask you questions about your illness to practice their history taking and diagnosis skills.

Medical student assessments and junior doctor examinations

As a volunteer patient you would take part in a role play where medical students or junior doctors would talk to you about your illness. The student or junior doctor would be examined by a consultant psychiatrist to see how well they demonstrated inter personal skills.

Teaching materials

You could help us to produce teaching materials or help out during teaching sessions.

Interview Panels

Sometimes we ask volunteer patients to be on interview panels when we recruit medical staff. We would provide you with training to help you prepare for this.

Our help and support

Once we receive acknowledgement that you would like to be involved, one of the nurse specialists in medical education will meet with you to agree which roles would be appropriate for you to be involved in and answer any questions you may have.

Trust staff will always be available to help and support you and we'll let you choose which of the opportunities you get involved in.

We will pay your travel expenses and there is also the opportunity to be paid for your time. If you are receiving benefits you will need to find out how paid work like this may affect them.

To find out more, and obtain an application form, please contact the undergraduate medical education advisor using the details below.

The Undergraduate Medical Education Advisor
Medical Development 
Roseberry Park
Marton Road
Telephone: 01642 838156