Moods - a poem by a service user

Some in technicolour
Some in monochrome
Some in angry red
Some in placid green
Some in purple woods
Some in calm milk
Some in destructive hatred
Mutual completion which can turn to hatred
Black depression
Elation which is a sliver cloud
A crimson rage
A red sunset which relives in the morning

Employment - a poem by a service user

At one time the legacy of the Industrial Revolution was passed from one generation to the next when man learnt the trade from family members
To use a popular terminology it was hands on education, a practical learning which is perhaps the best way to learn
Today’s tradesman does not have the experience of their forefathers or the environment where their skills can develop
Before the Industrial Revolution when society was a quarrian the people did not develop industrial skills until the mid-1760s
The gild system before the apprentice system was the way skills were passed down especially in the building trade
A stone mason was a highly paid craft especially in the church

Colours - a poem by a service user

Colour it red for rage
Yellow for cowardice
Green is for nature
Crimson for passion
Blue for environment
Ultraviolet for the sky and serenity
Brown for solidity
Black is for death
Purple for anger
Cream as an ermines fur for wealth
Ice for terror
White for purity
A black and white pen for knowledge

Despair - a poem by a service user 

Given up hope for the future is like committing suicide and being completely pessimistic
One thing that drives men forward is a challenge
It is make or break and only strongest survive as happiness in the force
It is the same when soldiers going into battle
Into battle and the instinct is survival and see preservation
Feeling terrified and totally exposed and vulnerable the next bullet with your name on it
There no escape from cacophony of exploding shells and solders realises they are better dead than experiencing hell better dead that seems never ending
There are no fearless men only men like control better than others

Love - a poem by a service user

It can be crimson and racing as an active volcano as peaceful and calm as an oasis in the desert
Love given without any hope of return is the purest love
Love between two lovers can sometimes be as vitriolic as acid and corrosive as iron oxide
At other times it can be as constructive as a termite home
The love of nature can be as deep as a human being because it is based on the life which in turn is based on religion 

Serenity - a poem by a service user

A serene lakeside cabin which shows an air of peace and tranquillity
The sky is coloured by white cotton wool clouds which move on the horizon from one horizon to another
The sky imitates blue Wedgwood
A pale colour, a flat colour which is the opposite to navy blue
The lake is a placid calm waterway with the lake surface reflects the sky
The lake is landlocked making both the lake and the sky opposite in nature
Both the cabin and lake complement each other in nature to make a landscape painting which not only looks like a painting but is more realistic than nature it self

Attitudes - a poem by a service user

Humility without piety
Heroism without courage
Sadness without tears
Joy without tears
Sorrow without a frown
Smile without a beaming grin
Blood without adrenalin
Un reputed love pure gold
Burnished gold is indestructible yet mariable and moulded into different forms
Christ's body on the cross is in purple agony threat reflects his situation and nearness to death and mould into many forms
God gave his son for the sins of the world an ultimate act of love
It was the total sacrifice demanding nothing in return and cannot be measured by humanity.

Peace - a poem by a service user 

A gift from god which stops conflict of brother against brother
An intercine of conflict which is futile because there is no one person victorious and no winner
When two people agree to stop violence it is not only the protagonists that find peace but also watches in a crowd when anger stops
Peace is coloured green while anger is coloured red each reflection emotions of antagonists.

Erosion - a poem by a service user

The facets of nature are connected by opposites
This is illustrated in a tropical jungle when the vegetation and the animal life interact
Especially in the cycle of parasites
In a jungle or thunderstorm, water is the main agent of erosion
Whilst in a desert it is sand or wind
Both are equally destructive, they depend on the forces of nature for their energy
At sea, the forces of waves erode the land and the corrosive effect of sea water is also evident
All of the agents of erosion work in conjunction with each other to sculpture and landscape.