Public Membership

Public membership is open to anyone over the age of 14 who resides in England. Members are grouped depending on where they live and public seats are based on the population size.

We have introduced a Rest of England Constituency so no matter where you live in England, you can still be a member of our Trust. 

Membership of the Foundation Trust is free – there is no cost whatsoever.

Members can:

  • Be involved in helping shape the future direction
  • Vote for governors
  • Stand as governors
  • Be appointed as Non-Executive Directors

As a member you will:

  • Receive newsletters and updates about the trust's activities
  • Receive invitations to member's meetings and governor forums
  • Be able to stand as a governor
  • Be able to elect governors
  • Have access to the council of governors and the trust
  • Receive notice of consultations on changes to services etc

Apply now to become a member

 There are a number of other ways to apply and these are listed below.


Members Charter

View our membership charter which was approved by the Council of Governors in 2012

Membership levels

We ask that our members select a level of membership that is most appropriate for them. Members can choose what kind of information they receive from us and their level of involvement. You can choose from one of the following membership levels:

  • Support Member – Receive minimum communication, annual general meeting and election information only
  • Informed Member – same as a support member PLUS you will receive a copy of our newsletter.
  • Active Member – same as an informed member PLUS you will also receive details of local events, consultations and surveys
  • Involved Member – same as an active member PLUS you will have the option to participate in service user, carer reference and training groups. Suited to individuals with current or recent (within 1 year) experience of services. Honorarium and expenses may be payable.

Existing members can inform the Trust Secretary's Department of their prefered membership level by emailing, calling 01325 552314 or writing to:

Trust Secretary's Department

Executive Suite

West Park Hospital

Edward Pease Way



We send a welcome pack to all new members and will ask you to tell us of your preferred level of membership.

Please note that if you don't inform us of your preferred level of membership you will automatically be set as an informed member.  

Apply now to become a member

There are a number of ways you can apply to become a member of the trust: 

  • Or Adobe PDF version - which you can print out, fill in and post back to us. The address to send it to is on the form.
  • Or request an application form and membership details to be sent to you by post by emailing us at or contact the Trust Secretary's Department on Tel: 01325 552314.

By signing up as a member your details will be held in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018. View our Privacy Notice for Public Members

Staff membership

Staff membership is open to staff who are on a permanent or temporary contract for at least 12 months. Staff membership is sub-divided into 6 groups, called classes, which are as follows:

  • Corporate
  • Forensic
  • County Durham and Darlington
  • Teesside
  • North Yorkshire
  • York and Selby

The new staff classes are based on either the area a member of staff works in or in the case of Corporate or Forensic, the Directorate that they are employed within. 

If you are a member of staff and are uncertain about which class you are eligible for, or have been allocated to, please contact the Trust secretary's department on 01325 552314 and they will be happy to discuss this with you.