Annual General and Members Meeting 2015

The trust will be holding its Annual General and Members meeting on Wednesday 22 July 2015.

Annual governor election 2014 now concluded

See the results of our annual election 2014

Dr John Kelly, staff governor for North Yorkshire, visited the new Springwood Unit in Malton

After visiting Springwood Unit in Malton, North Yorkshire on Monday 9 December 2013, Dr Kelly said "Very impressed. An excellent facility kitted out to a high specification for the care of some of our most vulnerable patients!"  

Simon Hughes, staff governor for Teesside - My experience as a governor

Below is a full report from Simon Hughes on his experience of being a staff governor:

"My name is Simon Hughes I am the staff governor for Teesside. I work as an occupational therapist in the rehabilitation and recovery services based at Park House in Middlesbrough. As a staff governor, prior to the AGM in July, I had spent an evening reading through the papers. The AGM tends to be a little lighter in reading material, other Council of Governors meetings can take a few evenings to get through the papers. The day of the AGM prior to the meeting I had a typical day. Nine to half past was spent dealing with emails, telephone messages and some preparation for a group later in the day. 9.30am to 11.30am is our team formulation meetings where I contribute from an occupational and functional viewpoint looking at how we encourage peoples recovery and support them to rebuild a meaningful lifestyle. After that I saw someone for an hour individually to explore with them their current lifestyle and plan a timetable of graded activities that support them to make the changes that they have identified as important to them. Following this I was off to the Lifestore in Middlesbrough to facilitate a Hearing Voices Group (every Thursday from 1-3pm). This is an area of work that I find most interesting and challenging and where I am constantly learning. The hearing voices approach stresses the importance of the person’s expertise through experience, this is key in supporting group members to learn coping strategies from each other. After this I dashed off to the AGM to hear of the inspiring work in children’s and young people services before the more formal part of the meeting.

The thing I enjoy most about being a governor has been meeting and working with other governors and board members. There is a real diverse range of skills and talents representing different views and perspectives. This has meant that I have a better understanding of how the Trust is functioning so that I can better contribute at meetings to ensure that high quality person centred care is consistently delivered.

The most important reason for me becoming a governor was to strive to make a difference and ensure that this trust remains focussed on providing high quality care. In the current climate of ongoing austerity the impact of continued efficiency savings it is becoming more challenging; governors have a valuable role in making sure that we carry on improving our services despite these difficult times.

The role of a governor involves lots of reading and a number of meetings throughout the year. Before I started I did not fully appreciate the legal and constitutional aspects of the role and along with other governors I’ve found that this takes some time to get to grips with. There are opportunities to get involved in groups looking at areas such as social inclusion, improving the experience of service users and carers as well as making the membership of the trust more informed, involved and representative.

The trust offers support and training to help governors fulfil their roles and this has included having a better understanding of the legal framework through to making sense of the technicalities and jargon of financial reports. Governors comment on and contribute to the future direction of the trust again the emphasis is on planning change to improve the quality of our services.

I have found that as a governor I have learnt so much more about the working of the trust, how it keeps focussed on making sure that day to day care is of the highest quality, how it plans for the future, how it responds to change and also how it responds when the care it provides has not been of the quality expected.

There are staff governors for Teesside, County Durham and Darlington, North Yorkshire, Forensic services and for Corporate staff. As the staff governor for Teesside I am here to represent your views and concerns so please feel free to get in touch with me. I look forward to hearing from you -"