Our governors really want to hear from members. If you would like to share your views following attendance at one of our public engagement events, your discussions with governors or you would like to interact with your govenor please send your comments and/or questions to tewv.ftmembership@nhs.net

Question from a trust member

The following question was asked by a trust member at our Annual General/Members Meeting in July 2013. 

"What has been the impact of the reduction in educational psychology services on the trust?"

The trust's response is below:

Changes to the way educational psychology services are funded and delivered, resulting in a reduction in these services, has meant that the trust has seen an increase in therapeutic referrals.

Educational psychology services have reduced the overall scope of what they offer meaning that referrals have increased for a range of emotional wellbeing issues as well as lower level psychological and mental health conditions.

Stockton-on-Tees member feedback

After attending the trust's annual general/members meeting in 2013, a Stockton-on-Tees member sent in their comments. An extract of these comments can be found below:

"I attended the AGM…and it was very informative. It was lovely to meet folks. Since my discharge some 15 months ago I have gone from strength to strength and my recovery since has been further enhanced by my involvement with the Trust’s activities. I even applied to become a Governor.

My involvement with Medical Education and the PALS team (the Leadership Course) has given me a lot of confidence…

May I also compliment Angela Grant in the Trust Secretary’s Department, together with the support and encouragement of the PALS team, in fact everyone involved with the Trust…I am the best I have ever been in my whole life."