We want to make sure that local people have the opportunity to give us their views and we have continued to promote and strengthen patient and public involvement.

How will I benefit from getting involved?

People who get involved in developing services say it is rewarding and fulfilling, to know that their experience is being used to benefit others.

It can be:

  • a help to retaining skills and learning new ones
  • a way of building confidence and improving well-being
  • aid recovery
  • an opportunity to develop new interests
  • a route back into paid or voluntary work
  • an opportunity to be part of a team
  • an opportunity to teach others
  • an opportunity to improve care

You can use your knowledge and experiences to influence services

We will take your involvement seriously and listen to your suggestions and act where appropriate.

We will provide neccessary support, training and expenses

Why do we want you to be involved?

We want to listen and learn from you about...

  • what is working well
  • what helps people recover or manage mental ill health, learning disabilities or substance misuse
  • what needs to change or improve within trust services, so we can provide good quality care
  • what helps service users and carers
  • what support we can offer carers

We want to make sure that people:

  • understand our aims and aspirations
  • are kept to date with our latest plans and developments
  • have the opportunity to make their views known
  • believe they will be listened to and that their views can make a difference
  • feel genuinely engaged in our development as we move forward
  • have a better understanding of mental health, substance misuse and learning disability services
  • feel that we understand their expectations and strive to exceed them.

Our handbook provides more information about involvement and what it means.

Find out more about expense reimbursement on our frequently asked questions page.  

You can contact the team on the details on our contact us page.


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