The role of the Council of Governors

The Council of Governors meet at least 4 times per year and have the following responsibilities:

  • Advisory - communicating to the board the wishes of members and the wider community
  • Guardianship - ensuring that the trust is operating in accordance with its Terms of Authorisation
  • Strategic - advising on the longer term direction to help the board effectively determine its polices

In particular the Council of Governors:

  • Develop the membership of the trust and represent the  interests of members
  • Give the views of the Council of Governors to the board for the purposes of the preparation of the trust’s forward planning in respect of each financial year
  • Appoint Non Executive Directors including Chairman and Deputy Chairman
  • Remuneration of the Chairman and other Non Executive Directors
  • Respond to matters of consultation from the Board of Directors
  • Consider the trust's annual accounts
  • Appointment of the trust's auditors

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