Will I be employed by the Trust?

No.  The Trust does not employ you when you register for involvement activities with us.

What information will I receive?

When you first register for involvement we will send you a welcome pack and handbook which will provide you with key information about

  • what involvement is
  • how to claim expenses, and an involvement fee
  • examples of forms to fill in to make sure that when you claim any monies from the Trust, we can send them to you as quickly as possible.

How do you retain my information?

We retain your information in line with the Data Protection Act 2018.

What support is there?

All of our service users and carers who are registered with the involvement and engagement team will have a dedicated involvement and engagement officer. Each involvement and engagement officer holds a lead responsibility for a geographical area of the Trust and also works on a number of strategic projects and within the Trust. Your involvement and engagement officer contact will be dependent on where you live and what type of involvement you undertake.

Our involvement and engagement officers support our service users and carers in a number of different ways. After you send in your registration form one of them will make contact with you to find out about your skills and experience, what you want to get involved in and how you can be supported in your involvement journey. Based on your answers, they may recommend some training or shadowing. 

Can I claim expenses or an involvement fee?

The Trust will repay all reasonable travel expenses. Ideally travel should be by public transport or your own car and we will reimburse you when you provide receipts.  If you need to travel by train we can purchase the tickets for you, so you don’t have to pay these costs yourself. 

If you use your own vehicle to travel to involvement activities  we reimburse mileage at 45p per mile and we pay 5p per mile if you are giving someone a lift to an involvement activity.

We will pay 20p per mile if you use your bicycle to travel to involvement activities

For certain activities, we will offer an involvement fee (currently £20 for every 3 hours). When the involvement activity is advertised it will state whether the fee will be offered.

Please note that this payment will be subject to tax and can only be paid directly into your bank account. If you are claiming benefits you should check with your benefits office if the payments will affect your benefits.

Using taxis

If you think you need assistance with travel, which may mean you need a taxi, you must contact your involvment and engagement officer first to discuss.  If we agree that using a taxi is the right thing to do, we will arrange taxis for you. 

How do I claim expenses and involvement payments?

We will give you claim forms for both travel expenses and involvement payments at the end of each involvement activity you are part of. Service users and carers should not hold their own supply of forms.

Travel expenses

If you would like to claim for travel expenses you should complete a yellow form giving the exact return mileage, or receipted amount that you are claiming.  You must sign the form and a member of staff who is there on the day will authorise it.

If you are on a main inpatient hospital site where there are cash office facilities open then you can take your authorised yellow claim form and receive immediate cash reimbursement.

Where there is no cash office available, you need to hand in your form to a member of staff who will send this on to the trust’s finance department for processing. 


If finance receive your form before the 14th day of the month, you will receive your payment by the end of the month into your bank account if you receive payment by cheque usually this will be within 2 weeks.

Involvement Payment

If you are claiming an involvement payment of £20 or more then the form for involvement payments must be completed. If this is your first claim you also need to complete a payroll registration form (Form A) to ensure that we can make the payment to you.

A staff member should have supplies of both forms and when you have completed your details, the staff member should take the form(s) from you for processing.

Payments are made at the end of the month (if processed by the 14th day of the month) into your designated bank/building society account. Where processing does not take place by the 14th day of the month the payment will be made the following month.

We can only make involvement payments into a personal bank or building society account and are subject to tax and national insurance.

Can I claim passenger mileage?

If you are attending an involvement activity and you wish to give a lift to someone else who is attending then you can claim passenger mileage of an additional 5p per mile for the duration that you are transporting the passenger. This is in addition to the extra miles that you may incur which can also be claimed at 45p per mile.  

If you are claiming additional miles or passenger miles, this must be clearly noted on your travel expense claim form. 

Why do I have an assignment / involvement number?

If you have registered to receive involvement payments, then you have been added to the Trust’s electronic payment system (payroll) system. Your number is your unique reference number to ensure payments claimed are paid to you, so it is important that you include this on any forms so there are no payment delays. 

Will payments affect my benefits?

If you are claiming involvement payments, the trust strongly recommends that you contact your benefit office to check there is no adverse effect on your benefits. The trust cannot advise as to whether claiming would affect you or not.

Reimbursement of travel expenses should not affect any benefits. 

What if I don’t have a bank or building society account?

You can still claim your travel expenses, but we will only make involvement payments to a designated bank or building society account as these are processed through the Trust’s payroll system and are tax and National insurance deductible. You may be able to claim your tax and national insurance back dependant on your personal circumstances.

If you are under 16 years of age and do not have a national insurance number, please speak to an involvement and engagement officer. 

When can I not claim an involvement payment?

You can't claim involvement payments if you are attending a public consultation, a conference or any training that the Trust may offer as part of your personal development. 

How do I contact the involvement and engagement team?

You can contact us on the details on our contact us page.