It's important that the information you are given:

  • meets your needs
  • is clear, concise and easy to understand
  • avoids using jargon and ‘NHS speak’.


If you have recently received a piece of patient and carer information, we welcome your feedback on this:

  • was it useful?
  • was there anything missing that you wanted to know?
  • or was there anything that you didn't understand or that was unclear?


We’d also welcome your feedback on our newly created / updated information:

L669 V4 Springwood welcome pack 18/07/2018

L974 V3 Access to mental wellbeing services - Vale of York 18/07/2018

L955 V35 Mindfulness based cognitive therapy 13/07/2018

L998 v1 Spending time on a paediatric ward with an eating disorder - County Durham and Darlington adolescent community eating disorders service 11/7/18

L1010 v2 child and adolescent mental health services autism assessment - County Durham and Darlington 11/7/18

L416 v1 What is Occupational Therapy? 11/7/18

L289 V4 Crisis and intensive home treatment team 03/07/2018

L997 v1 The Holly Unit 26/6/18

L1008 V3 Safeguarding 25/06/2018

L974 V2 Access to mental wellbeing services - Vale of York 21/06/2018



Please let us know your thoughts via:


Tel. 01325 552223

Please remember to tell us the patient information reference number and title.


We’re updating our patient and carer information all the time and while we won’t always be able to make every change people suggest, ideas will all be considered.


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