What a process owner does

The process owner is the person who has the ultimate responsibility for the success of this improvement event.  You will ensure that the objectives are achieved, its outcomes are measured and sustained, and you have the authority and ability to make the necessary changes.

What we train you in

Process owner training aims to:

  • Explain the role and responsibilities of the process owner
  • Understand the principles of world class management
  • Provide you with a tool to assess team readiness for improvement work
  • Explain how your role links with the RPIW/kaizen process 
  • Understand the importance of standard work and how to develop this through observation
  • Develop skills in observation and learn how to complete standard forms
  • Develop skills in measuring the baseline before improvement and be able to re-measure after improvement using the target progress report
  • Build confidence in conducting the role of process owner
  • Understand the support you can expect from the sponsor and when you need to escalate issues to them that are preventing the full implementation of your improvement work

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