"I have found the support we have received from TEWV in relation to developing the division’s approach to  VMPS  to be challenging but extremely helpful. Not only has the help enabled us to drive forward the work we needed to  undertake in relation to the division’s strategic plan, but has taught staff new techniques and ways of addressing problems ."

"Staff from TEWV do not come across as being the experts, but guide, coach and facilitate. However, they are also not shy at tackling some of the blocks that exist in the system."

"Without the support and guidance from TEWV, we would not be as far along our journey."

"As a certified leader myself I have found that I too have been introduced to new techniques which has enabled me to think differently."

"The coaching we receive from TEWV helps us in so many ways, both in terms of how individuals are able to develop to become confident certified leaders, and in how we are maturing as an organisation deploying VMPS."