When an application to NEAP is approved a practitioner's name, employment address and telephone number(s), grade and approval dates will be added to the Mental Health Act approvals database including the register of  S12(2) approved doctors.  Where applicable the database also records provided current training details of S12(2) doctors who are also trained Deprivation of liberty (DoLs) mental health assessors.

The database is maintained on behalf of the Secretary of State for Health and can be accessed by AMHPs, police, employers, Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs), finance, courts and prisons. The Data Protection Act 1998 applies.

Access to the database can only be obtained via a secure personal login. By gaining access an authorised end user will be able to view if a practitioner is approved and the professional contact details held for them. Examples of use are below:

  • To search for S12(2) doctors to undertake a Mental Health Act (MHA) assessment.
  • Finance teams check to see if a doctor is S12(2) approved and are eligible to claim a MHA assessment fee.
  • Employers / HR depts. can check that employed practitioners hold valid approved clinician and /or S12(2) approval.

If you require access to the database, please contact the NEAP team.

General enquiries

If you want to contact NEAP for any reason, please get in touch with your regional coordinator.

Useful documents

Secretary of State's Approval Instructions - Department of Health 



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