NEAP is the Mental Health Act approving body for the north of England.

The Trust manages the contract for the Department of Health (DH) approvals function under the Mental Health Act 1983, (as amended 2007) for both Section 12(2) doctors and approved clinicians (AC) in the north of England. The panel covers the north east, north west and Yorkshire regions.

As part of the DH contract NEAP provides administrative support to the mental health act approvals database where AC and Section 12(2) approval details are recorded. Where provided this database also records the current training details of S12(2) doctors who are trained deprivation of liberty (DoLs) mental health assessors. 

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Demographics and map of area covered 

Approximately 2,500 practitioners are included in the north of England region.



The role of the Approvals Panel

It is the panel's role to ensure that applicants meet the requirements for approved clinician and/or Section 12(2) under the Mental Health Act 1983 (as amended 2007).

The panel is made up of consultant psychiatrists, GPs, forensic medical examiners (FMEs) and other professional groups who consider applications for both Section 12(2) and approved clinician approval, as specified within the Secretary of State instructions (2015). 

Panel members

Panel chair north of England - Dr Gill Bell

Vice chair north west - Dr Micha Mockett

Vice chair Yorkshire - Dr John Frazer

There are also approx. 60 panel members across the north of England.

Other approval panels

There are three other approval panels across England who manage the same process. These are Midlands and East of England; London and South of England. Applicants must apply in the region where they are in clinical practice.

How to apply

Applicants should contact the NEAP team for an application pack to apply for or renew their approved clinician and/or Section 12(2) status. The NEAP coordinators will be happy to assist you with your application and guide you through the process. 


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