20 October 2017

8.30am – 5.00pm

Jury’s Inn, Middlesbrough


As a leading provider of offender health mental health services, we are proud to be hosting a National Offender Health, Personality Disorder Conference for those with an active interest in working with personality disordered people within the criminal justice system.

The conference will take place at The Jury’s Inn, Middlesbrough, on 20 October between 8.30am and 5pm.

It will feature keynote speeches from Nick Benefield,advisor to the Offender Personality Programme, Dr. Caroline Logan, clinical consultant forensic psychologist, and Alan Bissett,author and play write, who will all share their views and experience of working with personality difficulties across the criminal justice pathway. 

Attendees will also have the opportunity to attend two of three workshops:-

Workshop 1 - Compassion focused therapy (CFT)

Compassion focused therapy (CFT) is an increasingly popular approach used widely in various services.  This workshop aims to introduce the basic principles of CFT, to explore the evolutionary influences on the way we feel, think and behave and to identify the different motivational systems and what might impact upon these.  In addition, we will encourage participants to think about how we might apply this approach to the people we work with to develop a better understanding of their issues and how best we may be able to support them.


Workshop 2 -Understanding and management of women in prison who self-harm

Dr Tammi Walker, lead author of 'Preventing Self-injury and Suicide in Women's Prisons' (2016: Waterside Press) will be presenting a workshop focusing on self-harm within female prisons. Dr Walker has contributed extensively to the development and delivery of interventions with imprisoned women in general and she has considerable expertise in the areas of suicide and self-injury.


Workshop 3 - Co-morbid conditions

Many people diagnosed with personality disorders may have additional diagnoses, or co-morbid problems, that can impact upon the way they deal with emotions and relationships.  In this workshop the aim is to increase awareness of some common co-morbid conditions, namely Autistic Spectrum Disorder and learning disabilities, to think about how co-morbid conditions may interact with personality disorder and consider how we might work with clients with co-morbid conditions.


Attendance at the conference costs £90. If you are interested in having an information stall at the event, the cost is £200 per stall and this includes one conference place. To book your place or stall please contact TEWV.OHconference@nhs.net.


Meet the speakers



CAROLINE LOGAN works as a Consultant Forensic Clinical Psychologist in an NHS medium/low secure unit in Manchester, England.  She is also Associate Director of a post-graduate Master’s degree course in forensic mental health at the University of Manchester.  She has a research doctorate (graduated 1996) on the role of personality, coping style and social support in vulnerability to stress.  She has worked with both men and women in forensic mental health and correctional services since the end of 1996.  Between 1996 and 2004, two post-doctoral fellowships, both at the University of Liverpool, required the in-depth interview of hundreds of mentally disordered male offenders as well as men and women in prison, assessing mental disorder, personality disorder, offending behaviour, and future risk of harmful behaviour.  From 2005 onwards, she worked in high secure then medium secure forensic mental health facilities (from 2009) as a practitioner, while maintaining an academic interest in both personality disorder (and psychopathy) and risk, on which she continues to undertake research, teaches at the University of Manchester and elsewhere, and has written a number of books and articles. 




ALAN BISSETT is an award-winning writer from Scotland, author of several novels and plays. In 2012 he was named Glendidich Spirit of Scotland Writer of the Year and in 2016 received an Honorary Doctorate from the University of Stirling for his outstanding contribution to Scottish culture. One of his recent plays was based on the life of Pink Floyd singer Syd Barrett, who experienced a mental breakdown in the late Sixties.




NICK BENEFIELD has retired as Department of Health Lead for Personality Disorder and as Joint Head for the NHS/NOMS Offender Personality Disorder Team. He trained in social work and as a Jungarian psychotherapist.  He has a background in the therapeutic treatment of young offenders, inner-city community social group work and community mental health services.  He has worked as a clinician, trainer, manager, commissioner and policy maker and has an ongoing interest in the development of psycho social environments in the criminal justice and wider social and educational settings. 




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