Tuesday 18 October 2016

9.30 am – 3.15 pm

Xcel Centre, Newton Aycliffe, County Durham, DL5 6AP

The theme for this year's conference was 'Transforming care'.


 Order of events


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Download presentations from the day using the links below:


Nick Land, medical director - Tees, Esk and Wear Valleys NHS Trust (TEWV)

Transforming Care


Mark Humble, commissioner - Darlington Borough Council

Darlington People’s Parliament


Julie Simpson, Durham County Council parliament staff support team

Fulfilling lives


Let it glow

Performed by people from Kilton View and The Orchard

David Hamilton, Eamonn McClurey, Jo Miller and Sarah Morris - TEWV

Tees community extended service


Kaydii Inglis and Kim Woolnough, Health facilitation team - TEWV

Your health matters


Trish Willis and Diane Stevens - TEWV

Transforming care in learning disabilities and/or autism services



Workshop information

Building the right support

Presented by Trish Willis and Diane Stevens

  • looks at how the Trust involves people to help us improve our services
  • showcases work that has already been done
  • asks how we can get better at listening and talking to you.


Involvement in care and treatment reviews by people with learning disabilities and families

Presented by the Service User Reference Group

  • information about being involved in care and treatment reviews
  • looks at people’s experience of being involved in care and treatment reviews
  • discuss regional involvement plans.


Creative approaches to recovery – Ridgeway fun day

Presented by the For Us Group

What do a bouncy castle, birds of prey and a burger van have in common? They all begin with “b” – and they all featured in our fun day at Ridgeway this year! Come along and find out how these things help service users in Ridgeway with their individual recovery journey towards living a good life. 


Sensory differences

Presented by Marion McGrath

Over 80% of people who are on the Autistic Spectrum will exhibit some sensory difficulties. This session will explain what the seven senses are and explain sensory differences and difficulties.

A range of workshops will be available which aim to give a similar sensory experience that people with sensory difficulties may experience.  Some specific case examples and items which may help sensory hypersensitivities and hypersensitivities will be explained.


Vulnerability stress

Presented by Tracy Thomas

This workshop will include a presentation to introduce the ‘vulnerability stress’ model (Zubin and Spring 1977).  It will:

  • identify examples of stressors and vulnerabilities
  • identify some positive coping methods/protective factors
  • relate this to the stress vulnerability model
  • show how the model integrates biological, psychological and social factors
  • offers a framework to build on strengths and increase capability in managing stress
  • encourages early detection and management
  • focus upon enhancing coping, minimising less useful ways of coping and developing protective factors against stress
  • encourage hope and optimism
  • promote reduction in the potential of relapse.

Followed by an interactive session using an analogy: the bucket, based upon Brabban and Turkington 2002.


World Café - what do good services look like for people with learning disabilities?

Presented by Fran Bergin

Informal workshop where discussion around set open questions are facilitated. Participants move around tables set up ‘café’ style and discuss questions for between five and 10 minutes. 

Discussions are written onto the tablecloths and then there will be a short feedback from each facilitator.  


Using multi - sensory approaches to relaxation  to promote wellbeing and health

Presented by Adrienne Wood

Sound therapy is the therapeutic use of sound and music to promote wellbeing and health. 

 'Soundsations Relaxation’ is a session specially designed for children and adults with learning disabilities and complex needs. Gongs, crystal singing bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, drums, and other musical instruments are used in the session.  It is a truly multi-sensory experience which incorporates therapeutic sound, massage, pleasant smells, and subdued lighting. A great session to share in the multi-sensory room when available.