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7 November

Positive and Safe conference (in partnership with Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust)


22 November 2018

GP mental health update conference, York 





Introduction to leadership programme for service users, carers and advocates



Past events and conferences

1 August 2018

Northallerton community networking event


14 June 2018

GP mental health crisis conference Teesside


22 March 2018

Delirium conference - #Icanpreventdelirium


11 October 2017

Future Forensic Focus--Opportunities in an uncertain future


17 October 2017

Annual learning disabilities conference 2017


20 October 2017

The 'P' Factor - Practicalities of working with personality difficulties across the criminal justice pathway


30 October 2017

The Journey to Becoming Smokefree


14 December 2017

Engaging Partners in Care (EPIC) Mental Health Update Da


12-13 July 2017

The Faculty of Psychology of Older People (FPOP) Conference


12-14 July 2017

Spirituality and recovery conference 2017


13 July 2017

Eating disorders event for GPs in Durham, Dales and Easington


14 June 2017

Creativity, Collaboration and Recovery in Secure Services Conference 2017


30 May 2017

GP Crisis Conference 2017


16 May 2017

Let's walk together - CYPS Positive Practice in Mental Health event


26 April (taster day) and course runs May to October

Introduction to leadership for service users, carers and advocates


14 March 2017

Involvement, engagement and recovery conference


6 March 2017

Staff research dissemination event


20 January 2017

#icanpreventdelirium - Delirium conference


24 November 2016

Mental health update day - Engaging partners in care (EPIC) GP Conference


18 October 2016

Living the good life - our tenth annual learning disabilities conference


11 October 2016

Getting it Together - Making a Positive Impact on Offender Mental Health


14 June 2016

#Icanpreventdelirium - our first regional delirium conference


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