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The information on these pages explains about the different mental health, learning disability, substance misuse and eating disorder services we offer in your locality, how they are delivered and how they can be accessed.

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We are committed to improving the way we communicate with the people who use our services and their carers, with our commissioners and GPs, with our partner organisations and with local people.

It is important that we build strong relationships with our key stakeholders including the organisations who commission our services, those we work with to provide services and the people who use our services. We aim to work with them to understand and reconcile their needs and those of the trust.

Trauma informed care

Our trauma informed care project is aimed at improving service users’ experience and outcomes by understanding and managing issues in a different way. Trauma informed care emphasises physical, psychological and emotional safety and helps people to rebuild a sense of control and empowerment in their lives and communities. You can find out more about our trauma informed care approach here

We also have the following information available, including:

Frequently asked questions about the role of trauma in mental health.

Supporting children and young people after a traumatic experience.

Information for professionals about the psychological impact of a major incident.



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