If your physiotherapist thinks that rebound therapy might help you. We will talk to you about rebound therapy to see if you would like to do it.


What is rebound therapy?

It is movement or relaxation on a trampoline.

A trampoline is like a big bouncy bed.

Rebound therapy is not trampolining as you see it on the TV. You will not be asked to do very high jumps. It is very safe.


How will it help me?

Rebound therapy is good for you because:

• it keeps your heart and breathing healthy
• it allows you to move in different ways
• it allows you to talk, laugh and shout
• it helps you to understand about the space around you
• it helps you with your posture
• it tightens weak or floppy muscles and relaxes tight muscles
• it will make you more confident
• it is fun.


Who will I do rebound therapy with?

You will work on the trampoline with staff members who have been specially trained to use the trampoline.

You may be on the trampoline with just one staff member. Sometimes there may be up to 4 staff members on the trampoline with you. It all depends on how much help you need.


Where will I do rebound therapy?

You will do rebound therapy wherever there is a trampoline. Some of the places might be a:

• sports centre
• day centre
• community centre.


Can anyone do rebound therapy?

No. You may have some health problems that mean you cannot do rebound therapy such as:

• problems with your eyes – loose retinas
• if you are having a baby (more than 20 weeks)
• problems with your neck.

If you cannot do rebound therapy a staff member will talk to you and your carers about other ways to help you.

We will talk to you, your carers and your doctors to find out about your health.

We will also have a good look at you to see if you have any health problems.

You may have health problems that mean when you do rebound therapy, we have to be more careful.

There may be some activities that staff will not do with you on the trampoline.


How long will I be on the trampoline for?

That depends upon what you need. Usually we go to rebound therapy for an hour.

There are other people who need to take their turn on the trampoline. This means that you will spend some time on the trampoline and some time watching others take their turn.


What if I don’t like it?

You don’t have to do it. Staff will talk to you or your carers about other things that can help you.

What should I wear for rebound therapy?

To be comfortable you should wear:
• loose clothing
• cotton sports socks
• no jewellery – watches, rings and so on.


A link to our easy read patient carer information including imagery for this service can be downloaded here


Leaflet reference: L320e
Version: V5
Date last updated: 02 / 11 / 2017
Archive date: 02 / 11 / 2020


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