The Whitby community mental health team are based at:

11 Byland Road

Whitby, YO21 1JH

Tel number: 01947 820294

About the service

The community mental health team offers assessment and care for people, mainly over the age of 65, with mental health problems.

Following referral to the service a member of the team will make contact to arrange an initial appointment, either in the person's home or at an outpatient clinic. A series of appointments is then often arranged and spread over several weeks.

During this time the team assess the person's physical and mental health. This involves staff talking with the individual about how their symptoms or problems affect them and the people closest to them. Sometimes a physical examination, blood tests, or scans maybe needed. Staff always explain everything beforehand and ask the individual for their consent.

During the assessment period the individual may see a range of staff, for example a doctor, nurse or social worker.

The Whitby team

The team includes: a consultant psychiatrist, a community team manager, community psychiatric nurses (assessors), occupational therapists, community staff nurses and community support workers.

How to access the service

Referrals are made from the individual's GP by letter or fax addressed to the team.

Individuals requiring non urgent referrals will receive an appointment to be seen within 14 days of receipt. Urgent referrals will be dealt with within 48 hours.

Patients can be referred to the team for one of the following reasons:

  • Diagnosis purposes
  • Assessment and treatment
  • For advice and help on behaviour management
  • For intensive support to enable further investigations into changeable presentation
  • When there is evidence of risk escalation that is giving cause for concern.