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Roseberry ward is our older people’s inpatient ward at Bowes Lyon Unit.

It is a 15 bed acute admission ward for adults over the age of 65 (occasionally younger) with a wide range of mental health problems.

While lots of our care and treatment is provided in the community or in peoples own homes, there are times when people need to come into hospital.

The environment on the ward is relaxing and everything is done at our patients’ pace. People join in as much or as little of the ward activities as they wish, without any pressure.

The Roseberry ward team

Staff offer support, guidance and may be approached at anytime, day or night, if you have any anxieties or worries.

We have a full multi-disciplinary team made up of doctors and nurses, psychologists and other professionals who work together to make decisions about treatments.

Patients will be introduced to the ward by a nurse who will show you where you can safely leave your things. We’ll show you where the toilets and bathrooms are, how and where to get a hot/cold drink, watch TV and make a phone call. We’ll also show you the lounges and introduce you to other people on the ward.

A full information pack is given to patients on admission.


About Roseberry ward


Patients have their own bedrooms equipped with a wash basin, wardrobe drawers and chair. Some bedrooms have en-suite facilities including toilet. Clean linen is always available.

Dining area

There is a communal dining room on the ward where we have all our meals.


There is a lounge at one end of the ward. Here we have a television, video recorder and stereo.

Small lounge

This room is provided for a range of activities, and is often used for small group work and art work. This room can be used for visitors when there are no organised activities taking place.

Laundry room

We ask that relatives/carers arrange to take laundry home as we are not able to provide a laundry service for personal clothing. We do however have a washing machine for assessment purposes, and for soiled clothing. Please ask nursing staff for assistance and guidance.

Nursing office

This is situated in the central corridor. Opposite the office are board with varied information. You will be able to see which staff are on duty for the day on a white board positioned in this area.


During good weather you may want to sit outside. Access to the garden is via the lounge.

Pay phone

There is a public telephone use by patients in the central corridor, outside of the staff office. It must be taken to your room and plugged into the phone socket for it to work. This also receives incoming calls.


There is a colour television and video recorder and DVD player for your use in the main lounge and a television/video in the small lounge.


Both the lounge and sitting room are equipped with a stereo. Here you can play the music of your choice.


A daily newspaper is available on the ward. A selection of books is also available. Large print books can also be accessed.


Various board games and jigsaws are available. Feel free to make full use of these.

Notice boards

The notice boards provide details about the care we provide on the ward as part of the National Health Service Trust. Please ask if you have any questions.

Leaflet rack

The leaflet rack contains useful information about many aspects of health care. Please feel free to take any leaflets or booklets you want during your stay.

Notice board in lounge

The notice board in the lounge provides details of menus for the week.


Visiting times

Roseberry Ward visiting times are:

2.00pm - 4.00pm

6.00pm - 8.30pm

There may be times when these visiting times are not appropriate due to travel or other circumstances, but this may be negotiated on occasion with nursing staff.

Visiting is also subject to circumstance and discretion of ward staff. In the interest of privacy and comfort, visitors are requested to use quiet areas or bedrooms. We also request that you have no more than four visitors at one time. Please speak to staff if this is a problem.

Visitors are not permitted to smoke whilst on the ward and smoking is not permitted in any trust buildings or grounds.


Children visiting the ward

The trust operates a child visiting policy that applies to all children up to the age of 18 years. All visits by children must be pre-arranged with ward staff to ensure the visit can occur and the safety of the child. A responsible adult should accompany the child when visiting. Visitors are requested to ring the ward prior to their visit to ensure the visit can be facilitated.


Car parking

Visitors using the Bowes Lyon car park must sign in at the Bowes Lyon unit reception. There are plenty of free car parking spaces available to use at Lanchester Road Hospital. Disabled parking is also available. Car parking on the site is monitored by an external company, Excel Parking. Please make sure you park according to the notices displayed in the car park.


Meal times

Breakfast: Monday to Friday, 8.30am, Saturday and Sunday, 9.00am
Lunch: 12 noon
Tea: 5.00pm
Supper: 8.00pm

If you have any special dietary needs due to medication, health or religious or cultural beliefs, please inform a member of staff. Everyone is encouraged to get up and dressed in time for breakfast, and to take part in the ward programme. There is a vending machine in reception and the WRVS trolley once a week.


Activities on the ward

The staff on the ward plan the organised activities for the ward throughout the week. They may be on an individual or group basis and are flexible according to the needs of patients on the ward at that time, so we welcome any suggestions or requests.

The activities that we do aim to offer include:

  • Help you improve or learn practical skills
  • Increase your self confidence
  • Improve your ability to concentrate on things
  • Make you feel more comfortable in mixing with other people
  • Increase your independence
  • Help you learn ways of coping with the problems you face.
  • You may want to use the resources on the ward with other patients, nurses, or visitors. These include quizzes, board games, music and creative materials.

We hope to make you feel welcome to join in with the activities programme, in order for you to get the maximum therapeutic benefit from your stay with us. Joining in with activities is optional but you will be encouraged to take part.


Find out more about our Domestic Activities of Daily Living Group on the ward.


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