Community mental health team

Reed Marsh House
Coatham Road
TS10 1SR

Tel: 01642 777400 


About the service

Our community mental health services team for older people in the Redcar area is based at Reed Marsh House in Redcar.

The team of NHS community health staff and local authority social care staff serves people living in the TS10 (and surrounding) postcode area and provides services for people aged over 65 and over with severe or acute mental ill health (a functional mental health or illness or a degenerative organic illness). 

This includes people with:

  • moderate or severe dementia who have significant problems and complex needs e.g. behaviour and/or whose carers require specialist input
  • severe and persistent mental disorders associated with significant disability, psychoses and depressive illness
  • longer-term disorders of lesser severity but which are characterised by poor treatment adherence requiring proactive follow up
  • any disorder where there is significant risk of self-harm or harm to others (e.g. acute depression)
  • mental health disorders requiring skilled or intensive treatments (e.g. rehabilitation, medication maintenance requiring blood tests) not available in primary care
  • complex problems of management and engagement and severe disorders of personality, where these can be shown to benefit by continued contact and support, except where these have been accepted by the assertive community treatment team. 
  • The building includes a number of consultation rooms on the ground floor and a range of staff rooms on the first floor. Disabled access is available to all areas.
  • Reed Marsh House offers a wide-range of modern facilities designed with service users and staff needs in mind. Service users were involved in choosing the colour schemes, furniture and wall art for the centre and wall paint colours have been matched to the Sterling University guidelines for patients with dementia.

 Treatment and therapies

At Reed Marsh House we deliver:


  • memory clinic – providing a timely, comprehensive mental health assessment to people who are experiencing a change in cognitive functioning
  • functional services – providing assessment and services to people with serious mental health issues associated with a psychosis, disorders of mood, emotion, behaviour and personality
  • social care - assessments of need.

We offer support, treatment and therapies including: 

  • multi-disciplinary mental health assessments and diagnosis
  • cognitive stimulation groups
  • social care needs assessments
  • medication management
  • 1:1 therapies with a psychologist
  • steps to recovery groups.

The team

At Reed Marsh House, NHS health staff and local authority social care staff work together to support our service users.

The team offers clinic based appointments and home visits to suit an individual’s preference and needs.

Our multi-disciplinary team offers a wide-range of support with an emphasis on helping individuals to live well with dementia or to recover from illness and maintain recovery.

The team includes:

  • consultant psychiatrists
  • team managers (one NHS and one social care)
  • advanced nurse practitioners
  • occupational therapists
  • community psychiatric nurses
  • social workers and approved mental health practitioners
  • psychologists
  • community support workers
  • secretarial and administration staff.

Each individual has a care co-ordinator or lead professional who works with them to help them access therapy/therapies and offer any support needed. 

How to access the service

Referrals are taken from GPs and liaison teams in general hospitals in the catchment. 

The team can encourage and give advice is someone rings with a worry about a relative or themselves and can provide support in liaison with the appropriate GP. 

What can patients expect?

The patient referral is allocated by the duty worker on that day. If this is an urgent referral, the duty worker for that day will make contact, visiting the patient that day if required.

At the first appointment, a full history will be taken and questions asked about the referrals details. Family members/carers and included where available.

The clinician assessing the patient will provide information and leaflets if appropriate, and give a plan of action which will include if further tests may be necessary. 

This verbal plan of action is then discussed further and referred, if necessary, by the duty worker to other team members such as a consultant psychiatrist if medication needs to be prescribed or a diagnosis made. A social worker might be allocated if a package of care is identified as a need. 

All patients will receive a written individual care plan. A care plan will also be sent to the referring GP who will be kept updated with any change in treatment. 

The patient’s treatment and care will be regularly reviewed and if appropriate, discharge from the service will be facilitated. Otherwise, on-going follow-up will be planned on an individual basis. 

The community mental health team also has access to an intensive community liaison service.

Arriving at Reed Marsh House

Reed Marsh House was chosen as a community base as 80 per cent of our older people’s community mental health service users live in the TS10 postcode area. The site is served by all major bus routes and is near to the local train station.

There is ample car parking at the rear of the building.


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Last updated: 14 / 09 / 2017 
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