Care Home Liaison Service

Colburn Medical Practice

Orchard House

Easton Way


North Yorkshire, DL9 4GA

Tel number: 01609 763410

About the service

The Hambleton and Richmondshire care home liaison service aims to:

  • Provide prompt, specialist mental health support and advice for individuals and their carers in long-term care or moving to long-term care who develop significant challenging behaviour as an expression of unmet needs
  • Promote recovery from a range of mental health problems
  • Support transition from hospital into the most appropriate care
  • Reduce avoidable hospital admissions and the need for care home moves by providing timely support
  • Reduce the use of antipsychotic medication and promote non-pharmacological approaches to treatment
  • Maximise the individual' quality of life, their physical health, comfort and contentment
  • Involve the individual, their family and carers, in formulating treatment approaches that are person-centred and outcome focused.

The team

The care home liaison team includes registered mental health nurses (RMHNs) covering the localities of Hambleton and Richmondshire and a support worker.

The team also have access to other professionals within the community mental health team such as occupational therapists, psychology support and consultant psychiatrist support as required, at the request of the care coordinator providing specialist care and support to the client.

How to access the service

Referrals to the service are made by GPs. Care home staff can discuss a referral with the specialist care home liaison nurse informally before requesting a referral from the GP to the service. Care home staff can complete the referral form for authorisation by the GP.

Following receipt of the referral all patients are seen and assessed within 24 hours and an initial treatment plan developed to address the client's presenting needs.