All staff welcome you to the unit. We hope your stay with us is a comfortable and safe one. We offer support and guidance and you can approach us at any time, day or night, if you have any anxieties or worries. 

We are here to help you through this stressful time and our aim is to provide a safe, warm, therapeutic environment, enabling your recovery and discharge to the most appropriate residence.

Everybody’s experience when moving from one care environment to another will be different.  We hope this information is of some help.  If you would like to go through it with someone just ask. 

About Springwood

Springwood is a complex needs unit for both men and women, with fourteen beds.  We provide care for people over the age of 65 and also on occasions those who are younger who need specialist nursing care. 

The majority of people will already have received care in one of our assessment and treatment units prior to coming to Springwood. Less frequently, people may be admitted from another nursing or residential establishment.

Who will be caring for me?

  • consultant psychiatrist
  • ward manager
  • clinical lead nurses
  • registered nurses
  • non registered nursing staff
  • student nurses
  • medical students
  • occupational therapist
  • dietitian
  • physiotherapist
  • speech and language therapist.

Staff are on duty 24 hours a day and there is always a registered nurse in charge of each shift. 

Before your stay

To make your admission as stress free as possible, a member of the nursing team will visit you in your residence.  This helps us to get to know you and we also welcome the chance to meet your family. 

The visit allows us to:

  • begin to form a relationship with you
  • provide a familiar face for you on admission to Springwood
  • discuss your care needs with the nurses currently caring for you
  • hear your views about admission to Springwood and answer any questions you may have
  • listen to your family or carers – they know you better than anyone else
  • talk to colleagues at Springwood so that everyone is aware of your needs before you arrive.

To help reduce anxiety about the move, we encourage your family to visit the ward before you are admitted so that they can see where you will be staying and will have the chance to ask any questions.   

On admission

A member of staff will show you and your family around the ward and help you to settle in.  They will show you to your bedroom and help you unpack. 

We make a list of the clothes and belongings you have brought with you.  This helps us make sure that nothing is lost.

A doctor will see you and give you a physical health check to:

  • check your pulse, temperature and blood pressure
  • weigh you
  • take blood samples
  • listen to your chest.

You will meet the nurse in charge who is responsible for the administrative part of your admission.  If you have questions about your care or your current needs or problems, please ask.  This will help us to get to know you and provide care that meets your needs.  

What should you bring?

  • three complete changes of clothes
  • night clothes and dressing gown
  • toiletries
  • light footwear that is comfortable to wear indoors
  • a small amount of cash (not more than £10)
  • photographs and/or meaningful but not valuable items can be displayed in your bedroom - please ask a friend or your family to write your name on the back of your photographs. With your permission, we will laminate the photographs to protect them.  Staff may discuss your photographs with you.

Please note:

We have limited storage space in our wardrobes. You may want your relative to bring different clothes at some point when you want a change.  We will put your name into your clothes to avoid losses and mix ups.  We provide laundry facilities for clothes but you may wish to send delicate items home for washing.

After admission

Staff will be assessing your needs to highlight any immediate risks or problems.  These may include falls, poor sleep or poor food/drink intake.

We review your care at our weekly team meeting; sometimes known as a multidisciplinary team meeting or MDT.  MDTs take place on a Tuesday afternoon.

If there are any issues you or your family would like to raise at the MDT, please let the nursing staff know. They will make sure your concerns are discussed and that you receive feedback.  If you and your family wish to attend the meeting to discuss issues in person, this can be arranged. 

If you have queries or any worries, please tell us.  Don’t wait until there is a meeting – we want to deal with issues promptly.

Care programme approach (CPA) review meetings

Approximately every six months we will hold a care programme approach review meeting where we discuss your care and any changes that may be necessary. 

We may hold these meetings more frequently if your needs have changed or we need to make changes to the care we are providing.

We will also have a review meeting before you are discharged from Springwood.

Discharge from Springwood

When we are confident that you no longer need the care that Springwood gives, we will talk to you and your family about discharge. 

If you need further long term care after Springwood, we will ask you and your relatives to start looking at where this might be – usually either a residential or nursing environment.

Once this has been agreed and we know that you have a confirmed place, we will begin to plan your discharge.  We may decide with you and your family that you will benefit from having some visits there before you leave Springwood.  This will help you to get to know the staff there and learn more about what happens there.

On the day of discharge, a member of staff from Springwood will escort you to your new home.  They will talk to the staff and give them lots of information about you, your needs, your likes and dislikes.  This is to make sure that, as much as possible, your care is the same as at Springwood.  We will stay in touch for the next two weeks to make sure all is well and then a final follow up will take place after six weeks.  This is a final check that you have settled into your new home as well as possible.

Spiritual needs

The Trust chaplain visits the ward each month.  Chaplains are happy to see anyone who would like to talk to them, whatever they wish to talk about.  

Alternatively, if you have a regular place of worship, your minister is welcome to visit you on the ward. A quiet place can be made available if needed.

Meal times

Breakfast: 8.30 am onwards

Lunchtime: 1pm

Evening meal: 5pm

Supper: 8.30 pm

Visiting times

Our visiting times are flexible, however:


  • please ask your relatives to avoid visiting before 10.30am as other patients may still be getting ready for the day at that time
  • evening visiting ends at 8.30pm
  • please ask your relatives to avoid visiting at mealtimes, unless you and the staff caring for you have agreed that your relative will be there to assist you.

Visitors are not permitted to smoke on the ward and smoking is not permitted in any Trust buildings or grounds.


Children visiting

The Trust operates a child visiting policy which applies to all children up to the age of 18 years.


All visits by children must be pre-arranged with ward staff to ensure the visit can occur, and the safety of the child is ensured at all times. A responsible adult must accompany the child when visiting.

Privacy and dignity

Visitors are asked not to enter the bedrooms of our patients unless accompanied by a member of staff.

Smoke free policy

As of March 2016 Tees, Esk and Wear Valleys NHS Foundation Trust will be a smoke free Trust.  This means smoking will not be permitted anywhere on Trust premises.  For more information, please ask a member of staff.

Smoking cessation is available for patients who want to give up smoking while in hospital.  Please speak to your named nurse for advice. 

What can I do if I disagree with any aspect of treatment or care or have problems with the staff?

Please talk to staff about your concerns.  We welcome all comments and will do everything possible to put things right. 

This will not affect the treatment or care you or your relative will receive. 

If you feel unable to talk to staff you can contact the following people directly:

Springwood manager

01653 616004

Locality manager

01653 696661

Head of service

01723 384636

Local PALS officer

01723 384651

Useful contact numbers

Nursing office

01653 616007

Ward clerk

01653 616000

Please be aware when you phone us that staff may be involved in caring duties away from the office and there may be a delay in answering your call.


If you reach an answer machine please leave a message:

Alzheimer’s Society

01723 500958

Advocacy Alliance

01723 363910

Age UK

0800 1696565

North Yorkshire County Council

(Adult social care)

08450 349410

Getting someone to speak or act on your behalf

You may have a particular problem with a service such as the NHS, social services or a local/county council.  If you feel that you can’t or don’t want to speak to someone directly involved with your care about this, you may ask a relative, friend or advocate to do this for you.

Your named nurse or care co-ordinator can help to put you in touch with advocacy services.

Access to information about you

You have the right to see or be given a copy of your personal information.  To do this you will need to make a Subject Access Request (SAR).  More information is available in L1009 – Privacy notice.  A member of your care team will be able to provide you with this.

You can A link to our easy read patient and carer information including imagery for this service can be downloaded here - L669E Springwood welcome pack - easy read.





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