A traumatic event is where something really bad happens to you.

These events might make you very frightened and upset at the time. These events could include:

A serious accident

A disaster like a fire or flood

Being beaten up, raped or sexually assaulted

Being threatened with a weapon

Being bullied or targeted

A friend of family member dying suddenly

Becoming very poorly

Being neglected.


Trauma can impact on your mental health even if it happened a long time ago.

Trauma can make you feel down when you think about what happened

You might lose interest in your favourite things

Trauma can cause bad memories, dreams or flashbacks

You might feel worried about more bad things happening

You might stay away from places that remind you of what happened

Trauma might make you feel angry

This can lead to problems with your relationships

Lots of people feel guilty or ashamed about what happened

They might blame themselves even if it wasn’t their fault

You might feel like harming yourself

You might want to use alcohol or drugs.


Doing these things does not help you get better.


There are different treatments that help like Talking therapy, medication or support groups. Your worker will discuss these with you.

Trauma informed care

Our team wants to and help understand how your trauma affects your life now and use this to help you.

We will try and

• help you to feel safe
• help you cope with your feelings and problems
• understand about trauma and give advice about getting better
• get the right treatment
• use your strengths and think about the future.


A link to our easy read patient carer information including imagery for this service can be downloaded here.

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Date last updated: 24 / 01 / 2018
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