What is the care programme approach (CPA)

CPA supports people who have complex mental health needs, who often require the support of several services.

CPA describes the way mental health professionals work jointly with you, your family, carers and supporters to:

  • assess and identify your needs including mental health, physical health, social care, risks, strengths and hopes for your recovery
  • develop a care plan with you that outlines your personal goals, needs and progress towards recovery and a meaningful life
  • co-ordinate the health, social care and other services that support you
  • review the care plan with you to check your needs and goals are being supported and agree any changes needed.


Who is a care co-ordinator?

A care co-ordinator is a named, registered professional who will support you, your family, carers and supporters in all aspects of CPA.

They will make sure everyone involved in supporting you or providing services understands your care plan and is working with you towards your recovery.


Your care plan

Is a jointly agreed plan between you and your care co-ordinator which outlines your assessed needs, any risks to you or others, personal goals, support available and progress towards recovery.

Your care plan should be written down and you can have a copy.

It may also include any Advanced Statements or Decisions you have written.

With your agreement your care plan can be shared with everyone involved in your care including your family, carers and supporters.


Family, carers and supporters

The CPA process recognises the importance and value of friends, family and carers in supporting you and they can be involved in developing your assessment, care plan and reviews with your agreement.

The views of your family, carers and supporters might be different to your own views so it is also important that they are considered separately including the impact of their support and caring role on their own health and wellbeing.


Care plan review

A review of your care plan will be carried out every 6 months or sooner at your request or anyone involved in providing support, including your family or carers.

A review is between you and your care co-ordinator and is important to consider all information from those involved in your care plan and recovery. You and your care co-ordinator may decide that a review meeting is the best way to do this.


Reference: L404
Version: V3
Date last updated: 12 / 2017
Archive date: 12 / 2020


A link to our easy read patient and carer information for this service can be downloaded here - L404E Care Programme Approach.


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