Ramsey Ward
Lanchester Road Hospital
Lanchester Road

Tel: 0191 441 5821 / 441 5819

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About the service

Ramsey Ward is one of three units, at the state of the art Lanchester Road Hospital in the north of County Durham, which provides inpatient care to adults with learning disabilities who need treatment for mental health problems or display severe challenges to services.

Ramsey Ward is a five bedded mixed sex ward that provides medium term care for adults with learning disabilities and challenging behaviour from the Durham locality.

Ramsey provides a full range of treatment interventions and ongoing care within a person centred environment, and based on a positive behavioural support model.

The team aims to help and support people with learning disabilities by:

  • Promoting and improving independence
  • Increasing knowledge of rights
  • Increasing opportunities for choice
  • Promoting inclusion in the community.
  • The Ramsey Ward team

The ward team consists of registered learning disability nurses, assistant practitioners and support workers that are trained in NVQ level 2 and 3.

The service is provided by a multi-disciplinary team who are available 24 hours a day to support and assist their clients. The team includes a psychiatrist, psychologist, nursing staff, community staff and other essential workers.

How to access the service

A referral to the service will be discussed and assessed at a team meeting which includes the client, their family or carers.

On admission clients are introduced to the ward and their key nurse, as well as the staff team and other clients. They will be shown how to access all the facilities, including the kitchen where clients can make snacks and drinks independently or with assistance from staff.

All of the nursing staff are available to discuss any problems, fears and concerns at any time, in confidence. Ward rounds and weekly meetings offer a chance to discuss client's care or other issues.

About Ramsey Ward


Bedrooms are equipped with a wardrobe, set of drawers and a chair. All bedrooms have an en-suite shower and toilet. Privacy and dignity will be of essence and you will be offered a key for your room so belongings are safe.

A disabled bedroom and en-suite is available.

Bed linen and towels are provided daily.

A TV is available for patient loan.


A communal toilet is available for use on the ward.


A bathroom, consisting of a bath, sink and toilet is available for use. This is wheelchair accessible.


A lounge which has a TV and DVD is available for use by all residents.

Quiet lounge

A quiet lounge gives privacy and dignity when using the patient phone provided. A phone card can be purchased from several sites within the hospital.

Dining area

There is a communal dining area where staff and clients have meals together. A menu board is available, which is also presented in a picture format. Meals are cooked on the ward by staff and residents can help with preparing and cooking if they wish.

Laundry room

Staff have access to two laundry rooms which are shared with other wards. They consist of a washer, dryer and airing facilities. Residents are welcome to wash personal clothing and staff will provide help if needed.


This is for staff use and residents will receive medication from this area if this is part of their treatment. A safe is available for residents to store a maximum of £40. Large amounts of money can be arranged to be kept in the hospital bank.


Ramsey Ward has a large garden to the rear of the unit. There are also several communal gardens including a memorial garden for one of our managers.

Activity cupboard

The ward has an activity cupboard for use by residents, which includes board games, arts and crafts, and jigsaws.

Ramsey offers a wide range of activities. A structured activity plan, which includes daily living skills, is provided and is accessible in various locations off the ward. Individual activities are available according to individual likes and needs.

Therapeutic activities are available such as relaxation and beauty sessions, as well as social interaction activities such as group therapy sessions. A client meeting is held on a monthly basis and clients are welcome to attend and contribute to the agenda.

Notice boards

Information boards are available in the corridors which include patient care, trust information, hotel services and patient feedback.

Leaflet rack

This contains useful information about aspects of health care and is situated in the large meeting room.

Ward clerk

A ward clerk is available to assist with post and other enquiries.


Housekeepers will be entering the ward throughout the day to help keep areas clean and clients are encouraged to keep bedrooms tidy to assist them to do this.

Facilities management

Facilities management staff will be entering the building to assist with the maintenance of the building and check any electrical equipment that residents bring with them for safety reasons.

Car parking

Visitors should use the main car park and sign in at reception. Disabled parking is available. Car parking is monitored by an external company (Excel parking). Please park according to notices displayed in the car park.

Facilities on the ward

The following facilities are available to the ward:

  • Gym
  • Multi-faith room
  • Advocacy
  • Chaplaincy
  • Hospital bank.

Visiting hours

Visiting is flexible on Ramsey Ward but visitors are asked to discuss visiting times with the nurse in charge and to avoid protected meal times. Visitors are encouraged to visit off the unit in visitors rooms, provided to ensure privacy and dignity of other clients.

Visitors are not permitted to smoke on the ward and are not permitted to smoke in any trust building or grounds.

Children visiting

The trust operates a children's visiting policy which applies to all children up to the age of 18. Residents or visitors are asked to check with the nurse in charge to make arrangements to ensure safety of children who may wish to visit the unit. A responsible adult should accompany children when visiting.


Meal times (protected)

Breakfast: flexible on rising
Lunch: 12.00noon to 1.00pm
Evening meal: 5.00pm to 6.00pm
Supper: 8.00pm
Snacks are available on request.

Everyone is encouraged to get up and dressed in time for breakfast and take part in activities.

There is a vending machine is the main reception area and a café which is available Monday to Friday.

Dietary, health, religious, and cultural beliefs will be accommodated.


Easy read information designed for service users about the ward can be found here.